general issuse skate deck/mini-logo question

i know pp has the street issuse out,but what about the General issuse? will that deck be available?one other question,can i get Mini-logo decks without the Mini-logo logo?cause i want to make my own Banner Dragon deck,just slap on the big BD sticker right in the middle,but you can still see the ML logo,i just dont want to go through the hassle of sanding. cause wont that take off the sst? thanks,US.


  • the General Issues was released about 3 years ago in yellow for a limited release. as for the deck being reissued, i would have to say there is not that high of a demand for that deck at this time but i will forward your request. all of our decks are not available with out graphics. sanding your deck will take off the sst and the graphic. if your going to add a sticker to the sanded part it will still slide but only until the sticker rips off. good luck

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