Reissue idea

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I have an idea for a reissue: the Britelite. I looks really cool, and the triple P just pops off the neon colors! I would buy one...


  • or it was it the beamer? whatever, it looks cool whatever the name was
  • yea it is brite lite and that would be pretty damn sick! prismatic graphics would be sick as well (if u dont know what that is look at the bones reds sticker)
  • Yes, for the next catalog, I too think the Powell Brite Lite should be reissued in pig shape and old school colors. It's a Powell graphic with no pro's to sign off on.
  • yea but they just stopped doing brite lites not too long ago
  • Britelite! Yes!!!! Yellow, Orange and Purple, Blue and Green!

    Maybe in the shape of the Ray bones deck? Id buy 'em all!
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