How does k15 181 feel?

Trying to decide on a new deck, I'm looking at the Vallely/Hoff decks. I want wider, being an old school guy, 8.5 seems to be good. Just not sure of the over all feel with the length and the concave. Anybody riding that on street? My current deck is too skinny....never really adjusted to skinny decks all that much. It's amazing how long a deck will last me these days with such limited time to skate.


  • I'm an old school big board guy too and I recently got the Rodriquez Now deck. It's a K15 180 and it's 8.75 wide. It's great for higher ollies, but I still prefer a 9 inch or wider deck. I prefer the Future Primitive deck if I want to skate a more contemporary board.
  • Yea, I was looking at that deck too. I was at my local shop that had a Gonz 8.5, it felt wider but didn't have a lot of concave to it....a 8.75 might fit the bill.

    It's funny, I was talking to this kid at work....he's early 20s, which is still a kid to me. Anyway, he grew up with popsicle decks and we were talking about decks. I was laughing because decks started off small and skinny, got fat, got some shape, then got skinny with no shape. He was talking about how he was trying to ride his older brother's old board...a pig, he thought it was PP but the graphics are gone. He was talking about how he couldn't do anything on it. He said he understood why "old school" skaters weren't as good as newer skaters because of the boards we had to ride back in the 80s, early 90s. I asked him if we weren't as good as his "generation" is, then why couldn't he flip an old school board, but I could flip both new and old.....if I'm not as good. He tried to talk his way out of it by explaining that is all we had....which he is right, and we still "made do" with it. But I told him I didn't think his generation understood why we, older guys, liked it so much. The newer guys skate to look good, they want to simply learn the tricks and dream of turning pro. I told him we never really cared about that, which is why we still skate (albeit not as much) as we got older. We did it because we loved it, not because we wanted to learn every trick in the world. It's about freedom and fun, not about trying to do a 40 trick "pro skater" combo.

  • He's genY, so when it comes to flipping a deck, they much rather do it the easy way, ie: with a popsicle that is already shaped to make it easier.
    Give them an old deck & the excuses will follow

    Whenever I get the "no wonder you guys found it tough to ride" comment, I simply ask them if they can ride a ramp.. 10 times out of 10, the answer is no.
  • I've noticed that at the parks all the kids do is show and use the flat area to do kick flip variation tricks. Then I go drop in and they ask, "how do you do that?" I miss the days of people skating with style, simplicity and for fun.
  • I'm riding a 181 Mini Logo. The K15 is even deeper concave than the K12, so the tail and nose are at a real steep angle, to be honest I'm not a big fan of the steepness of the tail, which is annoying because I love the quality and stiffness of skateone decks. I wish they would bring back the 171 8.5 deck.
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