New Forum Format!!

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Just wanted to say..the new forum format is pretty sweet!!! nice job.


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    maybe for the next update they will add a instant message program
  • Thanks Nick,

    There are quite a few great plugins offered to enhance... just need to dig through them and implement.

    There may be a few unstyled aspects lurking around. If you find any baby blue interfacing, shoot me a URL and I'll hit with the Black spray paint.
  • please add more interface colours.. I cant read half the stuff due to the blackout
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    also the image & url tags are not working.. def need those

    & make a few admins of us, people who are forum addicted will appreciate it
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Yeh, what the Doc said. Him and Bill for forum admins!! I drop in on most days, and these guy's are always's nothin to be ashamed of fellas!
  • socsoc
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    For img tags, what were you using... bbcode? I saw a wysiwyg editor plugin, but you guys might get carried away with that. As far as moderating, we'll see. SOC might have to assist in identifying someone.

    Maybe my monitor is brighter than some. I will make all the body copy white instead of grey.
  • This is great! And the new design is very cool.
  • lcd screens are much brighter than glass ones
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    Is there any arcade games in the package?

    Members can mod the forum 24/7, aside from the member numbers getting larger, these are probably 2 of the main reasons, amongst many, that you dish out mod rights for.

    wysiwyg & bb code editing is the normal standard.. this is an urgent thing that is required
    You can add many interface colours, you need to give people choice. The Red font is useless over black

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    aaaah someone needs to make some kind of adventure game where u can either use the ripper or the skull and sword guy make it kind of like a pirate game or something or like skate or die
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    Finally we are rid of the DVD ads, well done skateone!
  • im still playing 720 on Mame
  • The red on grey is really killing my eyes...
  • the black kills it for me
  • the colours are annoying now

    & it still needs editing tags
  • Yea, the colors are weak. But as long as the spam is deleted I'll be happy. Some of the regulars should be mods, Bill, Dr, or Nick would be my picks.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • thanks for the color change
  • colour change??
  • yea u didnt notice the comment thing is gray and readable now instead of it being all black with white text
  • new colors are good, easier to read.

  • Nice, Looking good Skateone!!
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