New reissues for 2012?

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What some of the new things for 2012?


  • too early to tell yet since the winter catalog just came out not too long ago
  • Hawk said in a recent video interview that he and George came to an agreement to reissue the Iron Cross deck. Who knows when this will happen.

  • probably after the bones brigade doc
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    My crystal balls, I mean ball, is telling me we will see more coloured rails, the Hawk (yay!), more pig nose McGills, another Cab pearl
  • I don't get the point of reissuing the McGill in a pig shape.  Why not bring it out in the late 80s shape?
  • we all hold hope they will.. in the end, theyd be mad not too.

  • I'm thinking we will see a most popular Bones Brigade decks reissued for the release of the doc.  I'm thinking Mountain FP, Cab bats and dragon, McGill skull and snake, Hawk chicken skull, Tommy G flaming sword, Mullen chess....all in post-pig shapes.

    Ok, maybe that's more what I am hoping.
  • time will tell
  • That's just mean. 
  • Hahaha! I just want a chickenskull for a cruiser, that's it!
  • Hell yeah, all the Brigade reissues!! Then a Bones Brigade 2012 summer tour & then I can die... hahaha
  • If another Cab is gonna get reissued make it the ban this dragon
  • If no new graphics reissued, then at least another shape - bottlenose or snakeskin background shape
  • I'm really bummed I missed out on the Hill Bulldog and Underhill Cross reissues a couple of years back - those are my favourite shapes out of any Powell Peralta decks!
  • Any rough time frame when the Iron Cross Chicken will be release. thank you kindly
  • Ah, the million dollar question! I hope sometime in my lifetime, hahaha. Bueller.... Buellar.... anybody......
  • the interview where Hawk talks about his fav decks, I got from that, that its probably never going to happen
  • why's that?
  • oh and lets see some sweat pants ;)

  • Check this pic out.  It's some instagram image posted by Tony Hawk, it appears recent.  Check out the deck, looks like a true kick nose, modern shape but with the chicken skull graphic.  Could it be a sign?

  • That board would sellout in an hour if they made it.

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    to me it looks like an og on a set of g-bones

    lets see him tail tap the lcd in the background
  • it's got a nose on it though. I think T bones over G bones

  • It could be a Birdhouse deck.
  • that  is what i was thinking
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