New reissues for 2012?



  • here is the vid it is a modern board
  • It looks like the graphic is upsidown too.
  • i think he was just skating it upside down
  • I think it's an upcoming reissue.  I'm sticking with that.  I would love to see some old graphics on new decks, as well as OG decks and graphics.  I would LOVE to have a new FP to skate in both shapes, and one to hang in both shapes.

  • Haha!! DEEEEERRRRRRR!! I didn't think of that Bill! It was early morning, just before l had to go to work......and I'll stick to that! :)
  • I just saw that video and was about to post it. Maybe there is a chance the board will drop this year?
  • haha it happens
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    im convinced its a birdhouse deck.. much in the same regard the Staab Birdhouses are almost spot on to the old Staab Sims decks.

    one things for sure, if they go ahead with these, ltd ed wont cut it, they will need to produce thousands of them

    whatever the fck it is, I want one or two

  • In the video you can see it's a popsicle.

  • probably a board he made for himself
  • it looks like the full powell graphic .. surely Kam or someone can confirm what the go is

    I know skating is loaded with freudian slips when it comes to advertising, this one tho takes the cake
  • or  someone can just get on twitter or facebook or email/call birdhouse about it
  • In my head it's a tease and they will be releasing a full line of reissues for the release of the doc, and it will be the most popular graphic of each of the main 5 riders, in both new school shape and OG shape.

    But in my head my 39 year old ass can still do ho-ho' take anything in my head with a gigantic grain of salt.
  • lets hope we see some re-ish's with the doco, any word Kam? seems like we have been waiting forever!
  • Im now sold on it being something Birdhouse will be coming out with sooner or later. If its a one off, then I offer nothing except my middle finger hahaa..
  • Please not just a McGill pig in a different color...
  • the McG piggy must be popular.. to keep adding it into each season would be financial suicide otherwise
  • well u guys can thank nick for blowing the opportunity haha
  • Bones Brigade Doc reissues are being finalized and we are hoping to get things wrapped up in time to have production start on these soon after the Doc hits theaters.  Would be nice to coincide with the DVD release which we will try but a lot still needs to be done. The guys still need to pick their choice of graphic and color schemes.  Still can't find the original mold for the McGill bottlenose, will continue to look.  Sorry Charlie.  Start saving your pennies.
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    maybe mcgill can bring in one of his and it can be traced dwindle did it with the mv barnyard so dont see no reason anyone else cant
  • Damn, sounds awesome & expensive at the same time. But nevertheless it's finally gonna happen!
  • I hope they don't charge too much, make that shit accessible for all; i.e. prices that aren't through the roof and a decent quantity production!!
  • Agreed.... I second the motion.
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