New reissues for 2012?



  • And have them in stock when they hit the website. Half the time something new is posted on the site, it's either already sold out or not available yet.
  • Totally agree with price and quantity....and all us getting first dibs!!

  • I am really surprised that TG and RM are up for the reissues.  

    Somebody at skateone really screwed up loosing the deck mold for one of their top selling decks.  So does that mean we will never get a snakeskin McGill reissue?
  • well u gotta figure powell has been around since the 70's so obviously things are going to get lost/misplaced if it was me i would have put the molds in seperate decades like all the 80's molds in one vault etc but it happens
  • Plus I don't think anybody in the mid 80s thought that current shapes would be popular again in almost 30 years. 
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    Hope they come with the DVD release

    lost mold lol .. sounds like something my misses would tell me if she didnt want me to have it
  • Like BB said, just do what World did with the Barnyard. There's a few  snakeskins out there in NOS that they could use.
  • Not sure if you guys are on Instagram...........
    Tommy Guerrero posted this pic on there
    and I asked about the reissues
    He also posted a pic of the Iron Gate and attached the text "number 3" sooooooo does each member get to reissue three decks? I hope so.............
  • Thanks for the heads up Looganida, It would be awesome if they reissued all 3 guerrero's!
    Any word on that Kam?
  • Sswwweeeeeeetttttttt!!!! Thanks brotha for the updates!! Finally some answers!
  • now  someone hit up the rest of the crew
  • Did he say "they"?  I've been pretty much convinced that the main 5 guys will have their most popular deck reissued for the Winter catalog.....but to have multiple decks, that would be awesome.  To get all the old shapes/graphics....and some old graphics on new shapes.  It would skate-porn.

  • NICE!!!! Now if my work would steady up, I'd be set!
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    whatever happens, it wont be happening till later in the year.. xmas release kinda thing

    good job Loo .. *double thumbs up*
  • I am beyond stoked! 
  • better start saving probably will be a few thousand dollars worth of boards coming soon
  • Wow, I hope not. Just thinking about that makes me sick to the core.... Plus, I'm sure my wife would say I'm ridiculous If I think I'm gonna spend that on boards. For those of you who are married with fam, you know what I'm talking
  • haha well im sure the boards will be atleast 70-80 bucks each and u know there will be a few peeps who will buy the whole collection
  • I have an understanding wife luckily, I'm gonna make this my Xmas present.

  • I could live with $70 a piece. My big concern now is how the availability on these is gonna be. As I posted earlier, make them available to the masses, not just the privliged few collectors with deep pockets and unlimited Internet time. With that said, hope they run 'em through the winter catalog season.
  • They should run these decks forever, or at least a couple of years.  I think the decks will be $70 a piece just like the current reissues.

    My question is what do they have in store for Cab's reissues? His decks from that era have been readily available, so what will they do to spice up his decks?  I hope they release a full size (10x30) dragon and bats.
  • I have a feeling this is gonna be the best Xmas ever.

  • quite a while back Kam said he had us on a list for these.. im one of those who will buy the whole collection
  • I'd like to see the ban this dragon in it's original shape!
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