New reissues for 2012?



  • I will be buying the whole collection too, but l want an extra hawk for a rider.
  • yea the cab one will be tough to figure out but since the tg flaming sword is getting done then no reason the chicken skull,chess board,snakeskin wont get done. it would be kind of idiotic to not release them
  • Totally BB. With the release of the Doco, the boards and skateboarding itself making a full circle(banana boards, cruisers and longboards), I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't put Powell Peralta back near the top 2 companies.

  • Wow that is great news. It would be cool to have all the boards in the same color as well as an alternative color. They would look nice matched hanging on the wall.
  • Yup, I would buy the collection....or at least a good portion of it. First I hope they reissue the whole lot.....second, I hope they are available. Nothing upsets me more than seeing a new deck or product hit the site with "out of stock" under it.
  • i was thinking today maybe they could do package deals or something where u can buy a whole set with different graphics for a certain price
  • Awesome idea.  

    I really wonder what decks will be released.  I'd like to see three decks for each guy.  OG graphic on OG shape, then the second versions on both graphic specific shape and modern shape.  If nothing else, the most popular deck, in both OG shape and modern.  My dream would be a black/red FP deck, original shape AND modern deck, like the 181.
  • im at the point whereby I dont care what the price or colours are .. I just want them hahaa
  • Hey Kam, are we on a pre order list for real or no?
  • Yeh, good question, be great to get a preorder of any or all the reissue boards from these guys.
  • Hawk and Stacy just confirmed the reissues on the XM broadcast
  • This was from Stacy's mailing list:
    "pps -- It looks like we'll start preorders for the film and special products on the site during the first of October. Stay tuned."
    Check ur emails bros!!
    " It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"!!
  • Did they confirm any specifics?  
  • Not really, other than the screaming chicken skull was coming out
  • I know, I wish there were more details on anything at this point.
  • These boards are gonna go super quick, l hope we are all on the preorder list.
  • I hope everyone in this discussion has contacted Kam... lets hope he has not lost the list!
  • cant wait to see the hawk board
  • Just hoping that they do not go straight to SOLD OUT. Then have to pay crazy money for them on ebay.
  • ebay is going to be insane
  • I'm on as many e-mail lists as possible, friends on on.  How do I guarantee I am on a pre-order list?  
  • Has anyone been in touch with Kam regarding "the list" lately?
  • edited September 2012
    Ive got a few emails from him when they first floated the idea.. he did mention he had a list of folks, we are (forum peeps) right up the top of it

    from this thread though, many of you should have already emailed him

  • yeah, i emailed him at that time. just fired off another asking about the list status... 
  • I sent Kam an email about availabilty of these decks and he said they were going to make plenty
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