New reissues for 2012?



  • It makes perfect sense to make a tonne of reissue boards. EVERY skater will want one or all of them. It's a great time to be alive gentlemen! I don't know about the rest of ya's, but September feels like it's 3 months long! So much happening next month!  The Doco drops at the end of it, The Walking Dead season 3 starts, Red Dawn remake comes out......sorry...thinking out loud again!!Haha!
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    imo its financial suicide not to mass produce

    again im with ya Boner.. TWD season 3, woot!! (please eat his annoying stupid wife) (& please bring back Shane.. he was one of the best characters)
  • Haha!! Yeh his Missus has to go, 16 episodes this season! Stoked!!
  • she is super annoying.. after telling everyone else to stay, she takes shanes green car to go look for them, then crashes it into a walker, I was begging for the walker to eat her dopey ass
  • Haha!! I have a feeling that she gets it in season 3, l hope so anyway!
  • check the date it was added 2010 lol
  • I think that just means they started carrying the McGill deck in 2010.  Back in '10 the McGill reissue was in red dip.
  • I want another kicknosed mountain family..... good shape
  • and a few hawks and guererro's ;)
  • Oh my god!!!! Reading this forum thread has made my heart start pounding!! This us the greatest news I've heard in ages! Can anyone tell me how to get on the preorder list? I'm guessing either the bones brigade website or contacting skateone..xmas will be off the hook! I'm going to have to max out my credit card and live on bread and water for a few months. I just hope they keep making more and don't do what they did with the future primitive reissue and make like 50 of em. Ones going on eBay at the moment for $380 with 2-3 days to go. Thank christ the aussie dollar is good at the moment, will make it cheaper for us internationals..soooooo excited!!!!!!
  • Right now I'm lying on the ground on my side running around in a circle "homer style" doing the "Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop!!!"
  • u can pre-order by hitting up
  • Awesome..thanks bill. Does he have a list of boards that will be reissued?
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    list isnt finalized yet the only ones confirmed so far are the tony hawk chicken skull and the tommy g daggers and iron gate supposedly the mcgill snakeskin is in the works
  • Hmmm..interesting to see if lance gets any of his boards reissued as well as mullen and cab
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    everybody is getting re-issues but lance,cab,mullen hasnt decided which ones they want done yet so they are kind of holding things up lol i think the blue cab dragon and bats would be a nice re-issue
  • Hahaha..maybe lance should put out a few more of the future primitive reissues. There's a few out there but not nearly enough. I can't wait for the hawk boards. I'm going for green, pink and black if they put out all three, depending on the price of course. Lets hope they keep making them and it's not just a once off reissue
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    the blue and neon green chicken skulls were the sickest of all the colors it has had and the green mcgill fighter jet i just saw is sick looking too
  • Holy crap I forgot about that board! Damn, I have the sticker on my guitar and all! lol
  • yea they re-issued a purple one a few years ago
  • I suggested the neon green and a pink chicken skull reissue. Just for the colours and the 80's feel. I also  suggested the Hawk claw too. That was another iconic board of his. Released in the Ban This days, and when Powell Peralta claimed world domination! No doubt after the release of the doco and the reissue decks, this will be achieved again.
  • I heard in abother forum thread some maybe all will be limited release reissues so not sure how long the domination will last, but hopefully the skaters with other sponsors will allow enough of the boards to get released to fill the ongoing demand. I think reissue boards are a totally different market than the newer popsicle boards. In that I mean I won't go out and buy a new deck instead just because I can't get a classic old board. And if I did, it would be Powell
  • I heard Lady Gaga is making a new track for the Bones doco

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