New reissues for 2012?



  • "wheres the decks or Ill poke your face"

  • imageI sure hope Lance does the Vato Skull deck..... I know he's done a ton with Flip........ A PP one would be sooooo much better. Also, I guess the older graphics won't get the sexy square wheels wells? 
  • It would be great for pp & Frankie Hill to come together & reish the Clint deck.. im not talking c&d chop shop stuff, a proper reish.

    Riders & collectors alike would rejoice
  • DR, check out his new company, HILL Skateboards.
  • I have mate .. im just too much of an arrogant pig headed brand girl

    even a tribute deck would be nice

    I can see myself getting one from him though. I like it how he adds pics with the sale n stuff like that
  • I'm riding one of his Clint boards he had done, and l must say, it's the best boards l've ridden since l had his O.G Powell Peralta Bulldog when l was 14. Awesome board!

  • look at the new hoffart pegasus
  • I hope the pig shapes on the bones brigade facebook page aren't gonna be the reissue shapes..
  • I was thinking the same thing.  I saw that pic and figured that is the "sneak preview" of the doc reissue lineup....but I really hope not.  Or if it is, I hope the second gen shapes are part of the lineup....or those graphics on new shapes.  I never liked pig decks for riding or hanging.  Plus, personally, I would like to see the most desirable colorways.  But beggars can't be choosers I suppose, I'll take what I can get....I just won't buy any of the pigs for riding. 
  • Crap I just had a look. I'll get the future primitive and tommy g's deck by the looks of things..oh well the preorder thing starts tomorrow according to the website so I guess we'll find out tomorrow if the McGill and hawk will be the pig shaped
  • What a pity..the fishtail hawk and mcgill in neon green or pink 80s colours would be sweet reissue decks
  • i still say reissue the sweatpants.. winters coming
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