Concave Opinions

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My favorite concave is the SP2, but I recently got some new Powell Peralta decks that are K15 and I think it is too much concave. I think it would be cool if they could make a modern shape about 8.75 wide but somehow give it a SP2 concave.


  • I had a mini logo deck (181 K15) and it was pretty nice. Then again I am not riding to much street these days. But all the mini logos I have had last a long time. Ever tried riding some of the mini logo stuff?
  • The SP2 is only put on the 1980s reissue decks. Skateone only really puts steep modern concaves these days (K12, K15) on their decks. I know I wish they would bring back a mellow to medium concave like they used to have with the Ki11 concave.
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