Airwalk is now shipping Internationally.

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I know this ain't the place to be discussing this, but l know there are a few fellas on here, that have been hanging for this.
Including me! Here's the link.


  • the Vallelys are awesome
  • I'm either getting another pair of 600's in the red, black and white, or a pair of 450's. They have 30% off shoes for the next couple of days too.
  • I want them to reish the blue suede pair I had .. I cant remember if they were prototypes though, too much has gone on inbetween owning them & now hahaha
  • I'd love some old, pre-prototype, high tops with the "A" on the side. Lace saver, the works. The prototypes are nice, but I'd like to see the older ones. They were the best shoe on the planet. I went back to Chucks and Rebook highs.
  • yea thats them, light blue suede & they had an "A" on the side

    I need a time machine .. go back & stock up, stock up on those sports almanacs Michael J Fox had
  • I remember them, my brother had a pair. They were sick. My first pair of Airwalks were the black Vics. I'm sure with Vallely back on the Airwalk team, they will reissue my styles.
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    Vics were OK. The original highs were the best, followed by the Prototypes, and the Vics. I'd love to see them all released.
  • Just got my pair of Mike V reflex sad plant re-issues.. man they are awesome, people already spinning out at them here down in Aussie..
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