Mike Vallely off Powell Peralta

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Vallely is off of Powell Peralta, I'm sure he will have a sob story about how he was a victim.


  • Do you think Powell will stop reissuing his boards now?
  • They can reissue all of the classic graphics anytime they want, Powell owns them, but they have to have premission from the pro's to use their name.  So far Powell has only pressed reissues when the pro lets them use their name.  So I guess its up to Vallely.
  • But with Mike V starting his own board company, do you think he will have them stop so as not to confuse people brand wise?
  • doubt it cause it means a easy paycheck they were still doing re-issues when he had other board sponsors so dont see why there would be a change now
  • I wonder what's up with Mike. Always been one of my favorites, and his "stand strong, stay true" mentality is awesome. But I can't help but feel an inflated sense of ego lately, especially when reading his blog.
  • knew it when i saw his companies tease

  • Me too. In fact, as soon as he switched from his Glory Bound V logo to a Black Label style elephant I knew we were all in for another one of his shifts with a big ol ramble about independence, getting screwed etc. I really hoped Mike had found peace being back on Powell Peralta, it seemed like a full circle move and a good place to retire - where he started.
  • hes got the master plan.. boards being reishd by every company, all at the same time.
  • yep when it comes down to it he is more of a business man
  • Yeah, I agree with you Bill, all about business for him..
  • which isnt neccessarily a bad thing because in life u gotta do what is best for urself but it is also a part of life to try and communicate instead of running away
  • Agreed. I suppose this is really no different than your favorite player signing with another team. Be it NHL, MLB, and so on. You feel betrayed, as a fan of both the athlete and the team. But, like I said earlier, it just seems to happen frequently with him. Cab never left, Lance has only been on 4 teams, counting Variflex, and The Firm, Hawk only 2. And these guys spent a long time on each team, with the exception of Lance on Variflex. Mike just seems to jump quickly. I wish him the best, always been a big fan, I just hope the guy finally finds the right fit.
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    plus he doesnt really like ppl telling him what to do and that is always a big factor hence why he left etnies and element
  • I think you've hit the nail on the head right there Bill.
  • id consider myself honored and priviledged to be getting powell product in the mail
  • The thing with Mike V is he makes himself look like an idiot by talking up everything he is doing only to bail a short time later. Im a fan of his but he should just shut his mouth and quit trying to act like hes all about integrity etc.
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    I agree with both your statements paul and Bill. You would think he would of stayed on at least long enough for the release of the documentery.....dude is so flighty. Whateves....i have a few elephant decks. I skate em. Still one of my favorite graphics. Maybee he will go back to world industries next. LOL ;-)
  • ~via Mike V~
    Elephant Brand Skateboards: Weapons Of Mass Creation instagr.am/p/auWTh/
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    he needs to do more ep's of drive.

    I liked that show a lot

    the only fck up I see is he wont get some new cool ass vcj graphic next year

  • He's got a pretty long blog about PP on his site now...

  • I just read Mike's blog. I find it hard to believe that the only reason Powell and Peralta got back together was to profit off the the Bones Brigade Documentary. Mike should have visited the skateone office where George works everyday instead of emailing/texting.
  • that blog was pretty nasty lol
  • Cue the sad hulk music...

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    Wow, the more he talks the more he makes himself look like he has nobody to blame but himself.  Every deal he got into he assumed, he filled his head with the "what if's", without actually listening to or reading the facts.  Didn't read this contract, assumed so-and-so meant this, assumed he meant that.  Not for nothing, but EVERYTHING is a business, deal with it.  It's like a musician becoming rich and famous and blasting the recording industry for being soulless.  If you can make money with an art, or an expression....then there is a guy in a suit behind you cashing bigger checks off of your artistic expression.  It's fact, if you want to freely express yourself as a skater and make money with nobody telling you what to do....drop a hat on the ground and start doing street plants on the boardwalk and hope you can pay your bills in quarters.  Other than that, join a team, do what they ask, and enjoy the fame and fortune.  I'm so tired of people complaining about how they were forced to sell out...boo fucking hoo.  You are rich, famous, and did it all because of skateboarding.  If someone told me in 1986 that I would have to dress a certain way, and skate in a specific list of contests, and travel to specific locations...BUT I would have my own board, be known around the world, and be rich and able to comfortably support my family without having to punch a clock and work bullshit hours, I would have JUMPED at the chance...and I still would.  People well above normal means crying to the masses about how horrible life is when you work for a corporation.  I have news for you shithead, MOST of us work for a corporation...and most of us do it for a decent wage, and most of us work shitty hours.  WE are the regular people, not you....so keep your snotty tissues to yourself, we don't want to hear it. 

    I hope his company takes off, I really do.  Then he will see what it's like to be on the other side of the check book, what it takes to run a company, and how many people he will need to hire...and he will tell them what to do.  Nothing more enjoyable than watching the guy who complains about selling out become the mirror image of his previous bosses. 
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