Mike Vallely off Powell Peralta



  • in the end life is all about money and paying those bills
  • I reckon hes got a good idea how tough it can be

    altho yea.. whats with the blog. Its too deep. rip a line of pepsi & get on with it.

  • Exactly Bill, which is why I'll never blame someone for "selling out". If you make money on your skill, be it art, athletics, or whatever....technically you are "selling out". But that's how life works. I skate because I love it....but if I didn't have to work and had the skill to turn pro, I would have sold out in the blink of an eye. I just have no sympathy for someone who uses their skill to make money, then turns around and blasts the industry that make him rich in the first place.
  • should be thankful he got a third chance cause that doesnt happen
  • I'm sure he's right when he says Powell saw dollar signs with the idea of bringing him back a third time....but I'm not buying the whole idea that Stacy came back into the fold and everything is happening because of the doc. I mean, obviously Stacy came back, and even CVJ came back because of the increasing popularity of the 80s skate market, so there is money to be made. But at the end of the day, I don't care about the reason, I'm just glad it happened. 80s boards with todays technology, that's a win win.
  • a company will do what it has to do to make money in the end
  • Yup, and as long as the customers (us) want the products or service the company is offering, everybody wins.
  • Interesting point brought up in that thread. Mike has been bleeding the elephant logo for 20 years, cashing in on an icon that PP/CVJ created. The whole time blasting the hand that fed him. He needs to remember it was PP that made him, if it wasn't for PP he never would be "Mike V".
  • it's vcj folks lol
  • Amen Chis. You pretty much covered everything, all true, and then some.
  • even though he is starting his brand under a distributor he will still have to answer to someone when it comes to annual sells,pre-books,etc etc but hopefully things work out ill support him til the end
  • Typo on my part....the sad part is I actually said his whole name in my head when I was typing the initials and still fucked it up. Lol
  • I think he's allowed to use the Elephant for a logo or brand name if he wants. That was his idea for a graphic and collaborated with VCJ on it. If he didn't speak up he would of had the bug/cockroach board for a pro model. 

    What's next? Bashing Cab for using dragons?
  • Nobody is bashing Mike for using the Elephant logo.  I am saying it is ironic that he continues to use the elephant, something made famous with his first deck, while bashing the company that created him in the first place. 

    Lance has reused the knight logo with different companies, starting with Varaflex, but Lance never attacked any company he left.  It's not the icon itself, it's the fact that the guy trashes every company he skated for as he's walking out the door.  A simple "It didn't work out, I wish them the best" would have been the stand up thing to do.  You don't hear any smear campaign coming from the PP camp, they wished him luck publicly.  Sure, behind closed doors they are probably trashing the guy, but in the public eye they are saying and doing the right things.  Mike could have done the same, but instead he chose to take the same path he does when leaving every company....trash them on the way out because they don't want to operate in the world of Mike V.
  • via Elephant Skateboards
    The first ever ElephantSkates demo takes place in Trollhattan, Sweden on Jan 25...
  • Ive just found out hes gone back to study elephant psychology

    its big business in India
  • edited January 2012
    Hes actually still out there promoting PP.

    Look at this pic from his new company .. hes holding the best deck he ever had, right above a new barstardised version of it


    & when he says the end .. .. .....

    can someone please teach him what NLP is.
    Thanks lol

    More Drive episodes & less "im a company" is what I would prescribe for him
  • I looked at the boards he's offering.  Truth is a lot more interesting shapes than in the new PP catalog.
  • I like the new boards he is making
  • doesnt matter anyways, he will be onto some other venture when the cash from this one doesnt come to fruition.
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