Mike Vallely off Powell Peralta



  • Is he back yet?

  • haha no but he has less than 10 decks left for sale
  • 10 decks or 10 companies?
  • 8 gfl decks then the vallely decks will be gone
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    Any one remember this ad from way back when?
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    -Sorry for the multiple post. Could not get the image to post-
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  • So it looks like it's been a bit of trend with Mike over the years......interesting....


  • Just saw the Mike just got Jason Adams on Elephant.  That's like fucking over Svitak for a second time.
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    that is f-ed up im kinda sorta friends with svitak.ppl switch too much id be stoked to ride for 1031..not too many skate punk companies out these days plus i been looking for a board and wheel sponsor for quite awhile..ahem
  • i could see matt hensley switching to elephant since he is a old school type rider
  • going by his history, I dont see it lasting

    I actually see him going back to element at some point
  • i think he should go back to the label
  • Sometimes it seems even Mike doesn't know what he REALLY wants. That's maybe why he is never in the same spot at the same time for too long...... Just my thoughts gentlemen.
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    Another flash back ad.
  • I know Rocco is the ultimate douche of the skate world, but sometimes Mike puts himself in that company. It's accepted because he hides his douchiness behind his "staying true" mantra, but it's still being a dick regardless. For all accounts he is a really nice guy, when it comes to the fans. I don't remember hearing a bad story about him from a fan. But when it comes to dealing with the industry he seems to be too self centered to see that what he says and does has an impact on others. I like the guy, but when he takes his frustrations with the business and the other people in it to the public, it makes him look bad. And clearly this is a trend dating back many years. Just be happy you have made a living doing something we do for pleasure.
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    The 90's skateboarding ads where the best!* It is so bland now days. I know different times, but it is rare to find things in print (ads) today that are just silly. Enjoy is an exception to that. But it just seems funny when I am looking though old Transworld's or Thrasher's that stuff that ran 15-20 years ago fits things today. Any way it is all just in fun and games. I have also heard Mike is super cool to his fans as well. 

    *Minus the video grab photos that where used there for a while.
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    Myren the advert you posted here is the best one.. its him telling Rodney he's not a quiter..

    10 years later, Rodney is still correct hahaha

  • As much as the ads back then were fun, the Rocco "I am the greatest person alive" crap became very unoriginal and uninspired. It was fun at first, then just got old.
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    neal hendrix just got signed by elephant mike is getting it done!
  • It'll be cool if he can really get this one going....and keep it going.  It's hard in today's business, with so many companies out there.  Not many skater owned though.

    Make you think though, if things go sour with Elephant....will he blog about how the owner is a corporate slug?
  • time will tell
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    One signing isnt getting is done imo, considering Neal is a fuel TV commentator, its a token imo

    If you are trying to move a brand forward, its not done with people who are at the later end of their careers, its done with young blood, new talent.

    Its like Manning being signed to the Broncos .. massive failure imo. In 5 years time they could have had Teebo with a better arm than he currently has, instead they will be looking for a new qb because Manning wont be playing in 5 years & the new talent hes supposedly going to train will not be a clone of him, yet everyone will expect him to be a mini manning.

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    well he isnt fully getting it done persay just getting it done team wise ala the black label team from the early 2000s i think a vet squad is what he is going after
  • I think today teams need both. Young talent who can get your product out there on the Dew Tour, X-games, and other contests and shows. And older skaters who can take advantage of your old school products and keep the brand name going with us older cats.
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