Mike Vallely off Powell Peralta



  • u got that right
  • been a few months .. thought Id check if hes back yet?
  • LOL.  I don't think it's PPs turn again yet.  I think we'll have to wait for the Mike V retirement tour of past companies.
  • I too was wondering if he was back yet lol!
  • LOL,  I saw the thread was bumped and figured "Yup, he's back".
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    I was checking out the Philips bust out deck he has on the weekend.. its not that bad, bit of a shame really, imo had he done what hes doing now years ago (instead of being wishy washy about it all) it mighta been a decent company with international exposure n all that..
  • Well seems he dont mind making a buck off someone who has passed away. His site also a copycat of skateone's. The bolt or the elephant...which is his "trademark" he wanna stick with? Sorry, i know some like him & a fan of his, can't say i ever have been. Powell-Peralta in my opinion, is better off goin' with Hawkins,Reeves, or McClain as it's next pros.
  • I like his on-field skating, I dont like his off-field junk (all this im back again, im leaving again etc etc.. it reminds of of a bitch girlfriend I had many moons ago)
    Bitch, get the fck outa here hahaaa
  • hahahahaha
  • Buwahahahahaha! 99 problems & Vallely isn't one now!!
  • Skateline is great.

  • Wish my local news was like that...hahaha
  • Watch out skateline, Mike Vallely and Jason Adams are coming to fuck your shit up.
  • I wore my Vallely shirt to work today...and inadvertently quit then re-applied for my job.  I think I need to go back tomorrow...or open my own dealership, then go back to work.  I'm confused. 
  • Too funny Chris!
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