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So.......... Im hoping there will be ltd decks coming in the wake of the doc release???? Kinda like the jesse martunez and the new colorway for the future primitive is actually the first one id actually consider buying. Nice new colorways for p&p wheels. Otherwise...yawn. :-(


  • Oh man...just noticed....no vallely in the spring catalog. He must of really pissed george and stacy off. how do you screw something like that up??? Losing respect by the minute for him.
  • Why ? Did you plan on buying a Mike V deck from Powell ? :-)
  • The Cab BAN THIS deck is cool.  I was hoping for new t-shirts.
  • where is the hawk chicken skull reissue????? i will take a cab ban this and the new harris colourway.

  • New Cab Ban this looks pretty cool. And the Hydrant Dragon looks like a nice fun board.
  • dont forget they dont always add everything to the catalog products are subject to change
  • Well, my wallet is happy. 
  • wish the ban this cab had a better shape

  • its a cool cat.. good job
  • no Vallely decks.. i wonder why? he must have really upset some people.. ban this looks mad... i wish it was the OG shape though..
  • hes the new product/marketing/promotions/sponsorship/sales/production/artwork manager .. he doesnt have time for reissues
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