Bones wheels and Roller Bones Elite Formula

Hi, after trying out all types of wheels on our local indoor vert ramp in search of the ultimate grip with speed we have discovered that the roller skate wheel from Roller Bones provided the ultimate grip.  The Roller Bones Elite 57mm with 101a in white was used on our skateboards but the bearing seats were designed for rollerskate trucks which required a few washers for the axle nut to seat.

I was wondering if you guys can do your own testing on masonite and/or indoor ramps and possibly make skateboard wheels with this urethane.



  • or u could just buy some bones spf wheels
  • We've all been using the spf wheels for years at the outdoor parks but there is a night and day difference to their grip on slippery surfaces.   You have to try it and see for yourself.
  • what about stf
  • Isn't Roller Bones owned by Skateone?  I was hoping that the Roller Bones Elite 101A formula was the same as one of the skateboard wheels and you would know which one.that was.  Anyway, a bunch of us have tried many types of wheels on the local indoor vert ramp surfaced with a skatelite material (ecoramp) and so far, the Roller Bones griped the most.  Only thing with these wheels is the bearing spacing is narrower than skateboard wheels.
  • im kind of surprised they dont offer the roller skate wheel and roller skate bearings on the site but i guess they are just more of a skateboarding brand and that is where they focus their attention
  • The Roller Bones Elite 101A Wheel is made from our clear urethane formula instead of the normal white urethane formula used for the Mini logo 101A wheel, so they will be a little different.  All the BONES and Powell Peralta Wheels in a 101A or harder is now made in the STF, SPF, SF, and PF urethane.  I can see about asking for a 101A wheel on the Powell Peralta line with the clear urethane formula.
  • Animalchin,
    Thanks for the info.  I'm using the white 101A, I guess this is made from the clear formula and just tinted?

    I'm surprised that these wheels, clear or white, have significant grip over the spf's on an indoor vert ramp surfaced with "eco-ramp" a skatelite alternative.  The local vert skaters would be stoked to have a wheel between 56 and 60mm, this would mean not dealing with the narrower bearing spacing.

    For outdoor skateparks SPF's rule.

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