Lance Mountain Silver Crest MINT on ebay

edited January 2012 in Powell-Peralta®
Hey guys, I tend to lurk here all the time without ever posting.  Why, I dont know.  I noticed a few of you have been looking for a mint silver Lance Mountain Crest board.  Well I fn hate to do this, but I am putting my prized possession on ebay.  I am dead broke, and believe me I HATE TO DO THIS.  This is one of the 2 boards I promised myself I would never sell.  This deck is minty perfect, and pretty much as rare as they come.

In order to make myself feel better, I told myself once I sell it I will spend half of the money on a mint Pig style Ripper and keep the other half cash.  The Ripper deck has always been my favorite and somehow I do not own one.  I would feel a lot better selling this one if I got another deck to replace it.

If anyone here has a mint ripper (pig style or not) and is interested in the Crest board let me know.  I am expecting this deck to go for big bucks (about triple what I have in my savings account).  So obviously I would be trying to do a trade for a Ripper plus some cash.  I love all the color variations of the Rippers, so let me know what you have and if you are interested in working something out.  Let me know asap b/c this deck is listed to end on ebay on Sunday (1-15-12).  

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