Mike Vallely Barnyard Reissue Deck

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World Industries Mike Vallely Barnyard Reissue Deck coming out in March 2012. What's up with that chinawood......


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    maybe mike will be going to other companies for his reissues now
  • Gona get mine
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    the c&d version will still be better.. even without the top graphic
    chinawood lol .. bout says it all really.

    its all for his quest to continuously have reissues from 3 different companies out there at the same time.

    I call this "reissue domination"
  • He's got like what, 4 other boards from World Industries, so I suspect they will all get reissued at some point to make up for the money he was getting from his Powell elephant deck.
  • like it or not. its skateboard history. and an imporant piece of it. i wont go out of my way to get it..im saving my money for a guerrero, hawk or mullen. but im happy its being made. Amen..
  • The first run made in Mexico by ps stix not china
  • That Mexican wood is not that bad.
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