Who else will have tribute deck?

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Anyone know


  • I reckon Ray Underhill fo sho

  • i got one coming out that is 15 by 50 be at around the summer time ;)
  • Vallely is a must
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    doubt we will see that anytime soon unless they make it with a elephant getting it's head cut off but then peta will step in and it will just be a big ole mess
  • They should do a graphic of an elephant skating Bob Burnquists mega ramp

    The elephant can then say he has one up on him
  • im calling for a rob washburn tribute deck!
  • I'd like to see an Eric Sanderson tribute deck. He was one of the best mini ramp rides back in the day.
  • Did Sanderson ever have a PP pro model? I don't remember him ever having one, a tribute would be cool. One of the most memorable video parts ever. As a street skater, the rubber boys segment and Hill's parts were always inspiring.
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    The list of possible skaters is endless.  The ones I'd like to see are:
    Tommy G.
    Ray B.

  • bet that is how they do the bones brigade reissues ;)
  • Insider info Billy boy????
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    haha no just something i came up with when thinking about what kam said about the brigade re-issues if those re-issues are so called dwindling then nothing wrong with putting them under the tribute line am i right or am i right
  • Totally dude, There coming, I'm sure of it. They'll just appear on the site like that new dragon on the hydrant board. Seen that yet? They snuck that one in there! I put it on Skull n Bones, and....something different...there bagging it out. If it's not santa Cruz, they don't like it!
  • well that hydrant dragon was in the catalog so not really "sneaking" lol
  • Really? I didn't notice it! Dam! I'm waiting for the day we check in here and Animal Chin drops the bomb for us to preorder a limited edition set of the Chin boards!
  • yea it is in the powell-peralta deck section
  • Be nice to see a Bucky Lasek tribute deck... just sayin....
  • Danny Way.... Colin McKay..... but yea, Ray Underhill no doubt Doc... that would be epic! & In memory for Ray, have the proceeds go to The Ray Underhill Cancer Foundation..... just sayin.
  • fantastic ideas
  • Bucky Lasek, Danny Way, Hawk, and I'd like to see the Ray Barbee Hydrant deck 
  • what about thiebaud or demain?
  • Demain sold a bunch of his collection on eBay a few years ago, he had some awesome stuff....decks from some ads, great collection.  Not sure but maybe he had hit some hard times.

    I would love to see a Lasek and Way combo.  Their vert segment in Public Domain was awesome.  And it's funny to watch today because they were so young in that clip.

    I'm not sure what the specifications are of a tribute deck, someone who skated for PP but didn't have a pro board with them?  Don't know what the criteria is.  The two Frank's would be another good combo, or a "rubber boys" series. 
  • I wonder if they could do combo decks, like a mountie wearing the nordic helmet while twirling a crown freestyle deck. 
  • they should do a spoof deck.. like Blind did way back at the beginning
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