Who else will have tribute deck?



  • they have done a few spoofs in their time
  • They could do a spoof of the Barnyard deck, but instead of the ducks shirts having the letters on them, have each duck with a logo of every company he rode for...in order.
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    "The first deck in our new, Powell-Peralta “TRIBUTE” series celebrates Jesse Martinez. The “TRIBUTE” series plans to celebrate skaters that have had a lasting impact in skateboarding, continue to move it forward and may have ridden for Powell-Peralta at some point in their career.

    The deck is a custom shape by Jesse, specs are 33.062" X 9.022", 15.5" wheelbase, 6.078" nose, 7" tail with K15 concave. VCJ original art. Custom skull and bull skull background. The first run sold out faster than anticipated. More decks will be available March 1st."

    taken from the skate one email newsletter which everybody should be signed up for
  • if could be anyone then, it says

    "and may have ridden for powell-"

    I vote for Jason Jessee
  • Good choice!
  • Danny Way, Chris Borst, Eric Sanderson, and Jimmy Thiebaud are my pics.
  • well if we are gioing to do suggestions then....chris borst,giorgio zattoni,rob washburn,tony hawk,rodney mullen, bucky lasek,charlie wilkins,danny way,chris miller,kit erickson,simon woodstock,carabeth burnside,george powell,gershon mosley,jason ellis,alan gelfand,colin mckay,steve saiz,chet thomas,frankie hill,the guerreros,ray underhill,danny wainwright,moses itkonen,jon comer,neil blender,jim gray,mike smith,jay smith,mike santarossa,ocean howell,van wastel,andy mac,rodney jones,steve cab,mike v of course lol,javier sarmiento,pat channita,adam mcnatt,chris senn,mike frazier,ray barbee,jayme fortune,kevin harris,jen o'brien
  • Lol!!! That should about cover it!
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    Grant Brittain
    Brad Bowman
    Owen Neider
    Todd Swank
    Dave Duncan
    Adrian Demain
    Allen Losi for his smith grinds
    & everyone else in the Variflex team prior to 1982

    imo all the above people have a soild case.. all of them riding Del Mar in the early 80's are just a few of my favs, they are pioneers & deserve decks

  • We need a Mullen graphic on a board shaped like Frankie Hill's ear deck!
  • That be cool bro, hell at this point I'll settle for any Mullen deck.
  • Kevin Stabb......Duane Peters......Tony Alva.......Jay Adams.....Bob Biniak....
  • I would make it for anyone over 45 years of age, providing they were influential & all that.

    Bring out the true tributes I say, not populous ones.
  • For sure Doc, at least 40 years old  though! That's just my opinion!
  • Peanut Brown!
  • Thiebaud and demain for sure.
  • His PP deck was reissued, but an Underhill tribute would be awesome.
  • One of the Og style masters, Lester Kasai
  • Billy Ruff and Adrian Demain!

  • What about Chuck T. (Mcrad)?

  • Hrmm...Chuck Treece....yes, yes, YES!  Perfect idea.  McRad, and Treece's Dreamin' were the most important moments in PD, BT, and Prop.  Hell, the rubber boys sequence, which is in my opinion one of the most important street sections in the history of skate videos.  That was awesome, but it was made so much better because of Weakness' guitar, and the speed, classic skater-punk sound of McShred. 

    Yes, I agree 100%.  His music was one of the defining sounds of that entire era.
  • we used to ride my mates ramp with old red hot chili peppers in the background .. skinny sweaty man, in a green suit
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