Who else will have tribute deck?



  • chuck has a tribute board with some brand over here on the east he skates burnside alot and the mcrad band plays alot of shows here in bmore
  • I'd love to see them live, he's one hell of a musician.  Dreamin' is one of my favorite albums, it has a mix of everything....and he played almost all of the instruments, plus singing.

    And Absence is a skate staple, as far as I am concerned.  It's like 80s skater 101....you must have Absence of Sanity, Golden Shower of hits, Minor Threat, and Suicidal.  That and agree that duct tape is a perfectly acceptable "shoe repair"...and worn shorts over sweat pants and t-shirts over sweaters, not for the look but for the function.
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    my friend steph from here in the bmore area is good friends with the mcrad crew and chuck comes out to some of the events im a part of sometimes
  • I like that poolside deck, looks like a good shape and comes in 8.5.....I might have to try one.

    Next time you see Chuck, ask him to tab out Weakness.  I'm a drummer by nature, but I like messing around on my Fender....just riffing and stuff.  I would love to see the tabs for Weakness, always my favorite punk riff.  Oh, and thank him for his contributions to music from a huge fan.  Maybe give him a quick kiss on the cheek. 

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    haha ill see what i can do u can also find them on facebook and myspace here is a vid i found
  • Actually, I may have found it.....seems tabbed correctly.  But the problem is....well, I suck...so it's hard for me to tell if it's correct.  Sounds right, as long as I can time it out better.

    Any guitarists in the house want to try it out and see how it sounds to you...

  • Awesome video Bill.  I've been a huge Chuck fan since hearing Weakness in the rubber boys segment.  Big fan of the guy, what a musician.
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    he reminds me of virgil from wwf well just try and play with it and see if it matches up
  • It sounds right....but I'm not a good enough of a guitarist to make it sound perfect.  Every riff I learned sounds like the right notes/chords, and the timing is correct....I just don't have the technique to make them sound perfect enough for me to say "Yes, that's it.".

  • well im a bassist so i cant exactly help lol
  • I've been listening to Absence of Sanity nonstop lately.  I wish I could get the song (Chuck T. or McRad?) that is played in Ban This during the Cab/McGill vert session.  Love that song.
  • I've been playing guitar in bands for years Chris, and your weakness tabs spot on mate.
  • check u tube for the song
  • LOL Bill.....a drummer is asking a bassist if a guitar tab is correct.  That's awesome.

    Sk8er, I'm with you about Ship on the water....great song, and would have fit perfectly on Dreamin'.  I'm sure he has a ton of music recorded that we have never heard, or maybe only caught glimpses on the videos.  I wish he would release more of his own music, he's an incredible artist.

    Boner, thanks.  Now I need to learn how to play it better...LOL. 

    I picked up a guitar a few years ago because I hadn't played drums in a while and wanted to play something.  Timing wise, I am fine.....it's technique that I have...well, I have no technique so I suck.  A few months ago I de-tipped my index finger on my fret hand with a hatchet.  So I have no feeling in that tip, but it is very tender.  That has made things more difficult to play, and I suck to begin with.  But I recently got a new drum set and have been playing more drums anyway.  Now I like to record myself playing power chords and riffs, then play the drums to it.  It's actually a lot of fun because I can just riff all day long, and looping it while playing drums to it is a blast.
  • i quit playing guitar because i broke the strings too much so i started taking up bass guitar and been playing forever. i try to play drums once in a blue moon im friends with alot of musicians so i try to play drums whenever i get the chance.
  • Adam Yauch
  • My favorite board I ever skated on was the Ray Barbee ragdoll kicknose!! Wish I could get a re-issue one of those. That or the Hawk medallion full size. Cause I'm kind of a big guy
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    You can still get the ragdoll new for less 200ish

    with new trucks & wheels as well!
  • I mastered the air guitar & drums.. thats bout tit

  • Yeah I saw some ragdolls but the one's I've seen have the spoon nose. Saw a hawk medallion mini which I couldn't really see a difference in it and the full size. The one I found that looked similar to the barbee mini was the Saiz feathers mini. They need to just come out with the whole old catalog of re-issues!! Would make this searching alot easier!! If you see any kick nose barbee's for sale send me a link!!
  • Grabke should get one.
    Im not sure what the circumstances were when he left pp, he certainly has a fan base thats international though.
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    hanging out with mcrad next weekend will have pics and video
  • sounds cool Bill.. where they playn?
  • in columbia,maryland (near dc)
  • Just saw a Frankie Hill bulldog in a video, it was an updated shape....was this a reissue?
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