Rat Bones 2 Reissue?

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Are they printed on both sides of the wheel like the originals?


  • nope, just one side
  • the vato rat would be a good wheel graphic
  • So is this really gonna happen? the Vato Rat is iconic.
  • Is it me or does the 97a formula seem softer then it used to be
  • seems that way to me too. but hell its been over 20 years since i rode em originally
  • I have some reissue Rat Bones 90A and I have a set of Oval Dragons 90A and the Oval Dragons feel way softer.
  • Yep. I just picked up a set of oval dragons. Way softer! I only skate them in cement pools. They are perfect!
  • The 97's feel more like 95's to me.
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