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So if we're not going to get any classic pro graphic re issues, the least we could have is more variety in shapes. I'd be stoked on more late 80's really early 90's shapes!


  • Me too!
  • Me too. Some of those shapes were awesome.
  • anything besides more pig re issues or graphic re issues on the FP shape
  • something different like a pig nose McGill in yellow or blue or red would be good

    /end sarcasim
  • nice! how about another steadham colorway? ;)
  • the Cab Ban This should be offered in the o.g. shape, kind of bummed that it isn't 

  • The Cab Ban This graphic would look better on the Mechanical Dragon shape which somewhat resembles the original shape.
  • definitely wanna see some more 90s shapes, particularly late 90s...

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^YES^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ specifically 22a and 52
  • I like the look of old graphics on popsicles
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    which is what we need more of! would be stoked on a vato rat board or something of that nature
  • that'd be cool, but in my mind they need to actually reissue some of this shit on classic shapes instead of just graphics on some blah contemporary shape or a pig, strike some kind of popsicle/o.g. balance!

  • Popsicles look better hanging on a wall too (imo)

    They have a cleaner look .. old shapes are great too, just not as refined to look at as a whole
  • and take up less space
  • I would love to see classic designs on modern decks. I would actually prefer some classic shapes blank and classic designs on new shapes. I want to ride classic shapes, but feel strange destroying a classic design. It's like having a Picasso paint by numbers. I don't want to destroy a classic.
  • skate and destroy
  • As an example, the cab dragon on a popsicle that came out in 2000, more of that kinda thing would be great.

    Full old graphic brigade set of popsicles.. now thats something everyone will want.
  • I bags the 1st set btw  :)
  • yeah, i'm just not a popsicle rider, 
  • me neither.. they look better on a wall tho
  • maybe true, though i ride 'em before they get hung
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