Minilogo SST gone?

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Is the SST gone and are the boards now being painted differently? I just got a new Black SOC 126 and I noticed the paint almost looks like it was brushed on.

Also, the SOC # is no longer below the logo? It's only stamped between the bolt holes. It made it really tough to find that specific shape since all the stores I went to placed the proce tag sticket right over the SOC stamp.


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    Skate One is proud to use finest American materials available by the best workmanship in the USA. We offer a full range of concaves, shapes, sizes, and graphics, guaranteed not to delaminate. All SOC Decks are manufactured in our Santa Barbara skateboard factory. Skate One designed and fabricated AirLam™ low pressure air bladder presses are used to laminate 7 plies of the finest grade American, hard rock maple, with high strength, water resistant glue. Each deck is then sealed against moisture with a water base acrylic semi-gloss finish. Silkscreened decks are given an additional coat of clear acrylic to add additional protection to the multi-layer ink coating. Designated Deck graphics decks are given an additional coat of SST™ for longer slides. Our decks are precisely controlled in thickness for optimum performance and warranted against de-lamination for the useful life of the deck.

    they probably still use the sst but just dont promote it as much as they used to
  • AXIOM,

    Hand made using only the finest materials, Mini Logo™ is the leader of high performance/price point decks in the Industry. Warranted against de-lamination for the useful life of the deck and managed in our Santa Barbara Headquarters, Mini Logo™ utilizes 35 years of deck building experience and knowledge to truly deliver the best sizes, shapes and POP for less!Each deck is created from 7 plys of hard rock maple, fused in Skate One’s special low stress, AirLam™ presses, with water resistant, high strength glue and sealed against moisture with a lacquer semi-gloss finish. The bottom of Mini Logo™ decks are treated with a multi-layer coating consisting of a wood sealer layer and two full length colored ink layers for longer slides.SST is not gone, but has been incorporated into the lacquer semi-gloss finish and two full length ink layers.  This alos gives the decks there "new" look.Shape number and sizes will be on the decks soon.
    THNX - Mini Logo Skateboards
  • Yeah, Since my last post I got a chance to go skate the new board and holy crap is it slick! Now, I just need convince the local kids to lay off the wax! (Or, get them all to buy Minilogo's)
  • certainly better than a mr miaggi wax on job
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