whats the difference between A & B durometer ratings for wheels?

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ive been skated for quite a long time and am also a manger at a skate shop and i still have no idea what the A&B ratings for wheels mean. what does A and B stand for? whats the difference? what determines what scale a wheel is judged by?


  • "A" are softer, like most of the reissue wheels

    "B"  are harder, like the SPF and STF

    My fav is 90A.
  • ok i kinda thought that.. so is 100a like the hardest a wheel gets before going into the B rating? does 80b basically pick up where 100a left off? i still have so many questions that i would have never cared much about but now when im selling wheels i feel stupid that i dont know whats up.
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    A scale is for wheels up to 100 and B is for everything above that for instance the 101a wheel is actually 104D in hardness 101a is done for marketing purposes. if u want more of an explaination go here http://www.bones.com/why/b-scale/
  • nice one.. thanks
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