Shouldn't we have a WANTED or FOR SALE section on here somewhere??

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As most of us are collectors shouldn't we have a section where people can let you know if they have anything up for grabs??

I for one am sick to death of trawling through ebay every few days to see if there is anything of interest kicking around... Not sure how it would work but would appreciate your thoughts on whether it would be possible?

I appreciate deals couldn't be supported through here but it could at least put you in touch with people who may have what you're looking for, or who may need the stuff you've got?



  • usually if someone has something for sale they will post a topic and try to sell it
  • The reason I hadn't done that Bill, is I wasn't sure if it was deemed as acceptable for a forum?? All the things I've seen listed have had few comments on them so I thought they may have been frowned upon...
  • It's completely long as it isn't a silver dip Lance Mountain Crest.  Those are not allowed on here, but if you have one I will be willing to help you out.  Just don't tell anybody.
  • haha and it isnt a problem if u got something to sell then just make a post about it
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    sort your ebay search by Newly Listed

    You dont have to trawl through it all then..

  •  just found out i'm having a kid and might have to get rid of my red dip mountain crest, for some pool material money. not sure what they're worth, any ideas?

  • There is a beautiful pink one on ebay going for over $700 right now...and a drilled, stressed red one for $200....most likely both will go up.

    In my estimation a good red dip will bring you around $50, where should I send the paypal money? ;)
  • thanks for the info chris, i'll let ya know if i'm gonna part with it. i wanted to get my bowl/pond rideable this summer, but as i said found out the wife's pregnant, so i'm trying to think up some extra cash flow for materials! 
  • Not sure if anyone needs any bits to complete one of your decks but I've currently got these listed on ebay and will probs list some more stuff this weekend.

  • Just letting you know my OG Bones collection are all on ebay at the moment.

    The Hawk and Mullen have gone but there's a 

    NOS McGill Snakeskin Mini in silver in shrink
    NOS Caballero Dragon & Bats in silver in shrink
    NOS Guererro Flaming Dagger TIMEWARP in silver
    USED Mountain Future Primitive in white

    You can advance search them through my ebay name of H4ytr or contact me via email
  • Got a 1986 Welinder Street 1 up on ebay at the moment if anyone's after one?

    These ones don't flex BTW!!!

  • So I'm thinking I'm gonna put these two on ebay to help pay for some pool coping. Any help with determing worth would be a big help!
  • i have a hawk medallion and some others as well.... kinda bummed on getting rid of memories but.... i need cash to cope my bowl
  • very nice .. the Lance should go quick
  • thanks man, i have a mini xt snakeskin to with six tracks... I don't want to ask too much but idon't wanna just give em away either
  • Yea, the crest has taken off in popularity the past few years. I'm still trying to find a silver crest. I loved the shape back then, but I can't afford to buy a crest to skate today.

  • Think 200 is a fair starting point?
  • Thanks bill... I was thinking just a hundo for the mcgill and 250 for the lance. Then maybe 175 for my xt snakeskin complete
  • Depends on the deck and color.  Some decks seem to skyrocket in price over other colors, for whatever reason.  Some decks seem to end up selling around the same price, a Hawk chicken skull bottle nose for instance.  They almost always sell for roughly the same price range, regardless to color and in some cases, condition.  Others depend on color.  I personally have two holy grail decks, a black dip LMFP and a silver LM Crest.  I see the crest in other colors sell for much less than silver, and silver is much harder to come by.  A few years ago there were a bunch of black LMFPs on ebay, and I was able to grab an XT, unridden, drilled one for just over $300.  Now that same deck will sell for $600+.
  • got the lance and my two mcgills up on ebay finally
  • So..Im new here...just took a look at your McGill before reading your post.

    How do you know if it is a reissue or not? I bought a pink mcgill pig that had been colored black with a marker. I spent 26.00 $...Im going to restore it....hopefully.

    Ive seen some restores that are hideous and some that are trying to be passed off as NOS! Bougus!!!!!

    I am confident in my abilities. I work in the films so Im used to duplication techniques
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