vans pro-tec pool party today!

3PM west coast time watch powell riders steve cab,steven reeves,nolan monroe along with tony hawk,chris miller and others shred it up go to for the east coasters it is 6pm


  • Nice, thanks for tha heads up Bill!
  • I missed the web feed, had to work.....stupid lottery.

    I assume it will be on fuel soon.
  • it is still on
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    masters division results:

    1.steve cab - powell-peralta,bones bearings,pro-tec,vans,jimmy'z clothing,independent trucks,ohana boardshop,brixton

    2. tony hawk - birdhouse,hawk shoes,quiksilver,nixon,bell helmets,theeve trucks

    3. lance mountain - flip,spitfire,indy,and that one dumb shoe company,bones bearings

    4. mike mcgill - powell-peralta,bones,mcgill's skateshop,airspeed footwear

    pro devision results:

    1.pedro barros - vans,volcom,redbull

    2.rune glifberg - flip,nixon,independent,that other dumb shoe company,volcom,nixon,boost mobile

    3.bucky lasek - green issue skateboards,another dumb shoe company,billabong,rockstar energy drink,von zipper

    4. andy mac - positiv skateboards,airwalk,sony,bern helmets,187 pads,cliff bar,,redvines

    my favorite highlights from the contest:

    pat black's 15 foot fall onto his hip in masters division

    ben hatchell stalefish nosegrind over the pool corner

    omar hassan's frontside heelflip indy to ankle tweak

    andy mac's body slam after trying a blunt

    the 21 pool tile fs 5050 by some dude

  • Masters Division, totally dominated by The Bones Brigade.......What more can l say........WISH I WAS THERE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AND george and stacy were there in attendance which made it even better
  • mcgill is still on p/p? not on the team roster, just flow huh?
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    he is on the vip list (a list for ex riders and special ppl) along with kevin harris,jesse martinez and many others there is a flow list, am list,pro list and the vip list but yea basically the vip list is sort of like a flow but for legends and stuff like that
  • right on
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    george and stacy sat together all day watching every bit of the prelims and finals.  mullen was there with them too. it was a good time.  austin poynter is insane.  the combi is no joke.

  • got that right
  • Brigade domination
  • I wish McGill would become an active pro for Powell again.  I don't think Lance has any plans to leave Flip, and obviously Hawk won't leave birdhouse.
  • Everyone who was skating killed it. And everyone going BIG too. What a fun contest to watch.
  • the vans contests get more insane every year
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    Vans should make it a long weekend kinda thing & add a ramp into the mix.
    So you earn points in the pool & on the ramp

    At the end of the weekend you can give awards to the best ramp rider, best pool rider, then average it out & award a best overall.

    You can run it in the same fashion as well.. masters, pros etc etc

    You can also get funky with it by adding street riders.
    Get the street riders on the ramp & in the pool, get the vert riders on the street course.. mix it up, something different.

    Hawk used to ride in street comps.. & nut jobs like Dusty Dolin would kill it on vert
  • & broadcast it live on tv on fuel or espn; instead of just the webcast. Just sayin...
  • They webcasted Bowlarama at Bondi this year.. it was live on Fuel as well

  • they webcast bondi every year
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    I thought it was only 2011 & 12 .. not prior?
  • i believe so
  • so long as they keep web casting or going live on tv, then we are all sweet
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