• Cool, thanks for the link.
  • I'm really digging the Vato Rat deck, I'll be jumping on one of those, wish it was a tad wider though 8.5 or even 8.75.  Also like the Fly shirt, nice throw back.  The Bartie deck is awesome looking too.
  • Nice. I'd be stoked to see some more re-issues on original shapes though, perhaps a hawk or guerrero? ;) Some sweatpants would be sick too! 
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    Lucas & Jaws wheels lol .. I likem

    Lovin the Vato Rat & Bartie as well Chris

    Still missing the McGill snakeskin reish tho.. wheres the doco DVD? Its been a while..
  • I'd like to see a larger image of the new Bartie graphic.  

    I too wish they would reissue the McGill snakeskin, but it has to be the original shape.

    I also wish they would release the Future Primitive Special Edition DVD.
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    yea.. Future Prim Sp Ed ploise!

    I was wondering why Hoffart doesnt have a new deck as well?
  • Even some P&P skate shorts would have been cool for the summer...just sayin..
  • love the rat bones deck..but seriously.. can we have a frickin vato rat re-issue please?? that is the one board i have been dying to have in my collection!!
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    i just got the catalog today isnt it funny how that one dude here on the forum drew that vato rat deck and now they made an official one lol pretty dope for reference
  • Oh yeah, your right. I'd forgotten about those. Quick, someone draw a snakeskin, Mullen, FP...... you never know...
  • hahahahahahahaha hell yea
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  • Seems that if you draw your own graphics & paint it on a deck, you can speed up the process of getting what you want.

    like c&d .. without the issues

  • Damn! I wish I could
  • im going to draw my own signature colorway of the skull and sword with my name on it and see how long it takes to drop in a catalog
  • Lol! Good idea Bill!
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