Epic day today skating with Mike Mc gill and Andy Mac !!!!!

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  • Had a great day today guys.. i have not been on the forum much lately but i figured these pics were worth sharing. Mike Mc gill, Andy Mac and Cara Beth Burnside came out to Colorado today to launch a new park here.. got to meet Mc Gill, got him to sign my board and got a picture taken with him. He is super friendly and very cool in person. Stand up guy.. and got to see a mc twist live and in person from the man himself. Enjoy!!
  • Daaaaammm Nick!!!! Epic brotha....just epic!!
  • Awesome!!
  • That's awesome Nick, glad you had a good time.  Skating with one of the legends, can's ask for a better day.
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    yea boy! should have showed him ur mctwist haha really disappointed u didnt get me any cb pics u should be ashamed of urself!
  • Yeah.. She actually didnt skate that much, I have some video but nothing really spectacular.
  • nice id love to see it
  • should have asked him when that snakeskin is coming haha
  • Ya know....i really wanted to but I didnt. I asked him about the doc instead.
  • now  u will be in limbo even more
  • Yeah...... But meeting him, signing my board, and watching him skate made up for the last 4 years of waiting. Im good. ;-)
  • lol

    great pics Nicko!
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  • Haha! Good call Darule......didn't take em long....
  • I think it worked brotha..
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    again Nicko.. sic pics dude!
  • Freakin' lucky dog lol!
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