Need help with Skatebike replacement bushings and wheels.

Ok all, I have two Lerun Skatebikes.

I need some new parts for the trucks.  I used some blue doh dohs years ago with some bones swiss bearings in the wheels.  The bones still roll like a dream, I used some Abec 7's that I got at the same time for the yellow bike... going to use the other set of bones bearings instead, the abecs suck...  Anyways.  I could use new bushings, riser pad, and wheels.  Here's my dilemma.  The trucks are custom made for this thing, the pivot cup is funky to allow extreme twising as the way you turn this bike is by leaning and twisting the truck.  What is the absolute softest bushing available on the market.  I have blue doh dohs and they are honestly too tight.  My skatebike truck uses 2 of the larger size bushing, not sure if its the top or bottom, but I need both the larger ones. 

The riser deck is smaller size, but extremely thick, about 15/16"  Anyone know of some decent material I can use to custom cut a new one?

And then the wheels.  They are EXTREMELY OVERSIZED.   The are 50mm wide and about 69mm diameter.  I would actually like to get ones that are a little wider to add to the stability of the bike, but if not then the softer bushings will be of great help.  The blue doh dohs currently only turn a little, the stock original bushings allowed me to get some insane turning, these doh dohs... not so much. 

Pivot cup is custom as well, I've used just basic pivot cups in the past and then heated them and stuffed them in, it works, not perfect but it works.

Any help with these would be appreciated.   


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