Bones Brigade Doc?

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Any news on its release? DVD? Reissues?


  • the newsletter said late summer early fall so probably around when school starts
  • Hey, alright!! Thanks Bill, guess I will have something to look forward to after summer's gone...hahaha. Would be a hell of a late father's day gift..... just sayin...
  • haha yea if u havent already u should sign up for their skate one propaganda email newsletter everyone on this forum should be signed up for it
  • Ironically, I just received the email newsletter from propaganda. Thanks brotha & yes everyone should be signed up!!
  • ur welcome
  • Dear Santa,

    I want DVD's 'before' xmas.
    They are:

    Future Prim Sp Ed
    Brigade doco
    Anything new Jenna Jameson might appear in


  • Anything Jenna Jameson might appear in......10 years ago.*

    Plus, if we're making wish lists.

    I'd like to see special edition DVDs with behind the scenes stuff from the following....
    Gleaming the Cube
    Police Academy 4

    And the INXS Devil's Inside video.
  • All Hell yeah " Citizens on Patrol"!! Epic classic...
  • Yeh!! It still makes me laugh watching Lance launching off the jump ramp with the afro wig!
    It took me a while, but l got "Sick Boys" on DVD. Our little crew watched that video to death back in the day.

  • My favorite moment is when Spade says "THIS is skateboarding" then proceeds to grow about a foot taller.

    Or the fact that the police just happened to stop their cruiser directly next to a jump convenient.
  • Ah yes, gotta love the 80's!
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    Vans has been chosen to be the presenting partner and to put their weight and power behind Stacy Peralta’s new film, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. They
    will partner with Skate One to host screenings this summer in the US,
    and throughout the world in preparation for the film’s Fall 2012
    theatrical release. The film focuses on the Bones Brigade; Steve
    Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill and
    Rodney Mullen.

    Vans has wrapped their promotional RV with Bones Brigade: An
    Autobiography imagery, so that everywhere it goes this summer, it will
    help to promote the film around the country. In addition, Vans will be
    offering a limited amount of Bones Brigade product including soft goods
    and shoes to further celebrate their association with the film.

    Distribution of the film for early fall is continuing to grow, with deals for Japan, Australia and New Zealand already signed.
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  • Any solid release date yet?

  • I read it'd be available for purchase in November. Not sure if that means it won't get a wide theatrical release since earlier word was it'd come out in October.

  • I hope after its release they look towards Future Prim & various other special editions.
  • Public Domain SE :)
  • The Doc is show in two weeks here trying to get in to see it. But also they are having Ray Barbee & Tommy Guerrero playing a set as well as Hosoi and Alva showing up. Now the trick is getting tickets to get in to see it.
  • you need to get to all of it.. otherwise when hindsight kicks in, you will wish you did
  • Yea I know. I am really trying to get to the movie. I think Ray Barbee & Tommy Guerrero are playing for free at a shop down at the beach. Just hoping I can get tickets early for the Doc. Looking forward to it!
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    I hope you can get me tix too mate .. thanks for thinking of me none the less  :)

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    Santa Barbara, CA – Monday, August 20th, 2012 – Filmmaker Stacy
    Peralta today announces the worldwide premiere of the trailer for his
    new critically—acclaimed film, BONES BRIGADE: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.
    Beginning at 9:30 am Pacific on Monday, fans from around the world are
    invited to unlock the trailer and a free download of the most successful
    skateboard video of all time, THE SEARCH FOR ANIMAL CHIN.The “unlock”
    process, hosted on, is an Instagram campaign
    encouraging every skater on Earth to post their classic Bones
    Brigade—related images with the hashtag #bonesbrigade. It’s time to blow
    the dust off those ‘80s shots featuring questionable skate fashion,
    favorite Bones Brigade graphics, maybe even that photo of you with Tony
    Hawk’s infamous McSqueeb haircut. After 5,000 images are posted, any
    visitor to the site will be able to view the film’s trailer and download
    free. The Bones Brigade themselves will select the best of the 5,000
    images submitted and use them as artwork for a special film project this

    “We are very excited because we’re releasing Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
    primarily by ourselves, in a new and modern way,” says Stacy Peralta,
    the film’s director and mentor of the original Bones Brigade. “The only
    place to fully experience the film will be through our Bones Brigade web
    site; where myself, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Mike
    McGill, Rodney Mullen and Tommy Guerrero will interact directly with
    fans. The trailer premiere, new site and free download is our way of
    including fans right from the start in the process of releasing the
    film. I hope they have fun and share it with everyone who loves
    skateboarding, its history and the Bones Brigade.”

    In addition to downloading The Search For Animal Chin for free, fans
    are also invited to email the filmmakers and request a screening in
    their town prior to the film’s official release. Fans should send their
    emails to by Aug 23, 2012. Here are the detailed screening request instructions, straight from Paul:

    “Include the name of your city, how many skaters are in
    your area, the names of your city’s skateshops, what theater should
    screen it, why choose your city and any other useful info that will help
    us in our planning. The more you send us, the better. We’re also
    working with our distributors throughout the world and will reach out to
    you who live overseas for those countries if we need any assistance.”

    Official theatrical and DVD release dates for the film are forthcoming and will be posted soon on BONES BRIGADE: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY premiered to standing ovations at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.



    Stacy Peralta began skateboarding at the age of five and is now
    considered one of the founding fathers of modern—day skateboarding. He
    was one of the key players on the now historic Zephyr Skateboard team
    and the first Z—Boy (Zephyr) to systematically capitalize on his
    skateboarding reputation with lucrative sponsorship deals. After three
    life—changing years of world travel, product endorsements, TV and film
    appearances, and at the age of nineteen, Peralta walked away from his
    sponsored career as a professional skateboarder and joined George Powell
    to form the innovative skateboard manufacturing company,
    POWELL-PERALTA. Five years later, Powell-Peralta became the industry
    leader in products, graphics, advertising, videos and in the creation of
    the now famous skateboard team – THE BONES BRIGADE – the team that
    launched the stellar careers of five world champion skateboarders: Tony
    Hawk, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Tommy Gue!
    rrero and
    Mike McGill.

    In 1984, Peralta discovered his true passion while producing, editing
    and directing the Bones Brigade Video Show, the first of what became
    known then as Action Sports Videos. Then followed six more skate videos,
    which eventually lead to offers within the motion picture industry as a
    second unit director; Thrashin’, Gleaming the Cube, and Police Academy

    In 1990, Peralta left Powell—Peralta to become a full time
    writer—director and worked in network TV for the next six years in the
    area of documentary, comedy, and various series and specials. In 2000,
    Stacy Peralta wrote and directed the critically acclaimed documentary
    film; DOGTOWN AND Z—BOYS which won the Director’s and Audience Awards at
    the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. The film also went on to win the 2002
    Best Documentary at the Independent Spirit Award.

    At the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Peralta’s second documentary,
    RIDING GIANTS, became the first documentary ever to be chosen as the
    opening night premier film of the festival. In 2008, Peralta returned to
    Sundance with his film; CRIPS AND BLOODS: MADE IN AMERICA – a
    documentary film focusing on the black on black gang problem of South
    Los Angeles.


  • Serious question time, will the dvd be out before xmas?
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    New trailer for the Bones Brigade Doc:
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