cab ban this

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Anyone tried a new Cab Ban This? I've always wanted one, but don't know how the new shape really is. I currently ride the mechanical dragon and am not too stoked on the popsicle shapes? Think I'd be bummed on this one??


  • I am also looking at this deck, what size trucks would you recommend 149 or 159?
  • I had The Ban This set up with 159's, rat bones 2, and 1/4 risers. I said had because I sold it. The shape is too popsicle-ish. I recommend the K15 Ripper, nice and wide, modern concave, and a kicked nose.
  • Right on, thanks for the info. I've been wondering about that shape and don't really want to blow 65.00 on something and then not dig it
  • Thanks also, I was thinking this maybe to much of a popsicle shape for me and you have helped me decide against it. I will have to have a re-think, currently have a dragon and bats set-up just looking for something new.
  • i just set up the future primitive deck which is the same shape as the ban this..and i will tell you right now.. the nose is frickin huge!! its a really big board..maybe too big, but its super stable and i'm glad i got it. they finally made a great really pops in person. i have also skated the mech dragon and its not as long as the ban will be a different ride for sure. hope that helps...
  • Thanks for the info Nick. Wish I could find a shop up here in the northwest that had one so I could check it out in person!
  • Still looking at the ban this, not to worried about the size always been a big board rider.
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