Making custom decks from blank.

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Hey guys, two questions about making my own decks.  The Shelter Bruins deck really got me thinking about making my own wall hangers.  Some will just be things I like, slapped on a deck, clear coated, and hung.  The first being a Boston Bruins deck of my own.  I figure tape and spray the background, slap some Bruins stickers on it, then clear coat.  My problem is, I don't know what would be the best kind of clear.  I figure with the paint, I can sand with 200, tape, paint, tape, paint.  Then put the stickers on.  But what about the clear?  Should I just use clear coat spray paint?  Wood clear?  Some kind of lacquer?  I am really not sure which way to go.

Also I am thinking about....THINKING....about making my own classic graphic decks.  I know this might be a no-no, but I wouldn't put the artists logo/signature on them...and I would NOT SELL THEM.  This would just be for me to hang.  I don't want to spend a million dollars on all the decks I want.  So if I could closely make my own, I would be happy with that.  I am not a good artist, I look like Michael J Fox with a paint brush.  So I figure maybe I could create my own stencils, sort of like making my own silk screen....but with a stencil and paint.  Make the ones for each color, and paint, then move on to the next.  But I don't know if that is even possible.  I would start with FP.  I would think that would be easiest.  Again, I know this may be frowned on, but understand I don't intend on selling them or trying to purposely rip the artist/company/rider off.  I just want to hang them for my own viewing.

Thanks guys. 


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