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  • Nice!!!! Hell of an interview...thanks Bill!
  • Thanks for the post.
  • That was a cracker interview.. good job Billy

    he's still the 20something surf n skater dude he was as a kid  :)

  • The biggest thing I take away from this interview is Stacy's passion for skateboarding and passion for telling the story.  I thought his Dog Town doc was great, it showed us the true beginnings of the sport we love so much, and it told it from an insiders point of view.  But there seemed to be a disconnect in it somewhere.  In knowing that Stacy's part in the whole Dog Town "movement" was slightly.... exaggerated, maybe that is the reason why.  The Dog Town guys seemed to still have a disconnect with Stacy because he wasn't really part of it, not nearly as much as Alva and Adams and the others, and it almost seems like they resent him for that.  Like Stacy was there, but he wasn't really part of the core, and they felt that he was the only one with the experience to tell the story and they wanted the story told, they didn't like the fact that he was becoming the face of a movement that he really wasn't all that "important" to.  If you know what I mean.  

    Where as the Bones Brigade, which to me is just as important of a period in skateboarding as the Dog Town days, was ALL him.  It was his baby, he built the team, he created the entire movement.  So there is no "Well you were there, but you weren't as important as the rest of us" type of feel.  If he was Pluto in the Dog Town days....he is the Sun in the Bones Brigade days.  So his passion should really come through in this doc, and the other guys passion for both their sport and for Stacy should really come through.

    We are all passionate about our sport....and it is OUR sport.  Most of us "older guys" weren't really around for the Dog Town days, but we were young and involved in the Bones Brigade days.  We helped create the look, we helped create the feel.  We own those days.  Each and every one of us, professional or not, were truly part of shaping skateboarding in the 80s and early 90s.  I am sure every one of us invented a trick....sure, we may not have shown the world our trick that others also came up with, but we can say we did something we had never seen anybody do before.  I remember doing a fakie nollie-one foot where I kicked off my front (kick) foot.  I figured it out by accident doing fakie nollies to tail stall on a bench.  I realized I could kick my front/kick foot out and it looked cool.  Next thing everybody I skated with tried to learn it, and jokingly one of my buddies said I should name it because I "invented" it.  So I started calling it a "nollie Field" after my Grandmother Ollie Field.  Before long everybody around town was calling it that, I even heard a few kids call it that at the local "skate night", where they would set up ramps and rails at the skating rink.  Sure, nobody else outside my little world called it that, and many other skaters also invented the same trick.  But in my world, it was my trick.  That is how our lives were back then, we would see tricks on videos, Streets on Fire, all the Bones videos...go learn them, and in many cases invent variations of them, or used them as spring boards to invent a completely different trick.  Every single one of us can say that, I am sure everybody on this board can say they "invented" at least one trick, simply because you were the first to do it and had never seen it done before.  That is our mark, that is our "legacy".  We may not be famous, and that's fine with us.  But how many baseball players can say they "invented" something?  How many football players can say they "invented" something?  None, they can only do something someone else already did, better.  

    Skateboarding gave us so much, individually and collectively.  We all owe so much to Stacy Peralta and the Bones Brigade.  As much as I don't believe in personal "hero's".  I say Lance Mountain is one of the most important and influential people in my life.  He showed me that I could take my "child's toy" and stay a child at heart for as long as I want.  I'm 39 years old, I hardly skate any more due to various knee and ankle issues.  But I'm still a skater, and I always will be.  They taught us to stay young, to not try to fit into some mold that society wants us to fit into.  We can be rebels without being criminals.

    I remember going to a City Commission meeting at 16 years old to speak out against a skateboarding ban.  I have never, at any other point in my life, wanted to speak out about something.  I don't protest, and I usually don't get involved....unless I am rambling on about my "glory days" on these forums.....sorry.  But a 16 year old kid was motivated to go speak in front of the City Council because I loved something so simple as skateboarding.  I owe that to Stacy Peralta, Lance Mountain, and every other person who ever put their feet on grip tape and felt the freedom that comes with riding a wooden plank on wheels down a sidewalk.

    LOL...I found an archive of the article.  Please excuse the horrible quote, I was 16 at the time...and if you knew what I was trying  to say it makes more sense.  Plus I was much more articulate in front of the City Council.

    Sorry....I ranted again.  I really need to stop doing that.
  • heres where it all started.. suffice to say whatever one thinks of Skip & Ho, thank whatever god you believe in that they started it


  • That place should be a shrine.  There is debate where the first hockey game was played, but there is no debate where our culture began.
  • theres enough behind the story to have the building heritage listed imo
  • I agree, it should be.  At the very least it should be opened and operated as a surf/skate shop and continue the legacy.  I know it was re-opened for a long time, I assume the "economic down turn" is what caused the shop to close.  But either way, it should not be an abandoned building.  
  • I guess with the way Cali economics is at the moment the gov wont be buying it anytime soon.. what the county should do is get it listed regardless so not external changes can be done to the building itself, as a start..
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