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These are the skateboards in my collection that mean the most to me:


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    RELEASE THE CHICKEN SKULL ALREADY!!!! in the mean time, how about some classic Hall of Meat; Courtesy of Thrasher Mag...
  • I hate watching guys bail and eat shit like that.  We all know, all too well, what many of those feel like.  It's funny, back in the day injuries didn't matter.  I skated with sprained ankles, just remove the walking boot and lace up my shoe tight, or put my shoe on over my molded boot, or brace up my twisted knee....or wait until my collar bone solidified and go skate with my "figure 8" shoulder harness on.

    Now I put more braces on than a hockey player and any pain lasts days.  As I have been saying, the ground seemed a lot softer when I was a teenager.
  • "As I have been saying, the ground seemed a lot softer when I was a teenager."

    Too funny. I feel the same way now days. It is a lot harder to get back up and keep going.
  • Yup, I seem to remember bouncing back up more often back then.  Now it's a much less graceful SPLAT when I hit the ground.

    I'd rather see a compilation of know, hitting that microscopic pebble that makes your board go from 15mph to  a complete stop in a nanosecond, while your body maintains it's forward momentum, knowing that somewhere Albert Einstien is smiling.  I remember my old skate buddy from way back set a world record for distance, both in air and on the ground, leaving a rather impressive skid mark.  I estimated the distance he covered in the air, with full body extension, to be roughly 15 feet, with a height of 6 feet....which is made even more impressive because he was only 5'8" on his board.  The Eric shaped landing spot on the ground lead right into a beautiful, 25 foot skid mark that resembled a portrait of him, if Salvadore Dali painted it.  Coming to a rest in what appeared to be a real life representation of a chalk outline.  Only instead of chalk, this line was made up of sweat, blood, and failure.

    It was quite a sight to behold, I helped him up after a solid 5 minutes of laughing and 2 more minutes of me yelling "Holy F-in shit, you should have seen you!"  The 7 minutes ended up being perfect timing, as it took him that long to come to and with a dazed look on his face say "Where are we?".  To which I replied "Krypton.".  After a few minutes of me trying to calm down and him picking gravel out of the open wounds on the palms of his hands, he muttered "I should wear gloves.".  Naturally I recommended a more appropriate accessory, "No dude you need to wear a cape, you would win first prize in a 'Greatest American Hero' look-a-like contest.  If this was the olympics, I would have scored you a 10 for take off, a 10 for flight, and a -20 for the landing.".

    Ah, I miss those days.
  • Lol!!!!, ahhh I also remember those street burns & picking out asphalt pebbles from my hands & knees. But dam, back then you could laugh it off & go on your merry way as of nothing. Now at 34 & heavier, I'd probably be hauled off in an ambulance.. Yup, those were the days...
  • hahahahahahahahahaha that's f'n fantastic
  • Me & my oldest was warming up couple days ago. Then i stretched out my left ankle again. It was actually a lil' help, as it broke up alot of scar tissue. But very thankful to God it wasn't another blowout, leaving me hobbling for 6 mo. again.
  • LOL!  I know those all too well.  The nasty "pop", you drop thinking "Oh shit, that was a tendon or something.".  Then you get up and realize your knee/ankle actually feels better.  I popped my knee a few weeks ago, the immediate pain shot from my knee, straight up through my butthole, and right into the "Oh crap I'm old" part of my brain.  Once the immediate "I need a life alert bracelet" moment passed my knee felt so much better.

  • LOL!!!!!! Oh snap, I almost sharded, that's hilarious but so dam true!!!^^^
  • Hahaha! Great story Chris ^^^^^
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