frankie hill starts hill skateboards!store/vstc1=decks and yes the clint eastwood deck is available


  • He hade a bunch of oldschool shapes made of the Clint as well. That's what I'm riding. He's also redone the Bulldog graphic, so it is slighly different to the O.G. They are available now on the popsicle and oldschool shape. The Clint is the best board I've ridden since the O.G Bulldog l had in 91.


  • The OG Bulldog was, and still is my favorite deck to ride.  It was the perfect street deck back then.  I like the function of a good kick-nose, but I don't really like the feel of a symmetric deck.  I liked having concave at the nose, and a distinguishable front and back....but that's just me.

    I still skate my hieroglyphs deck, it's old, tattered, and still rides just fine.  It was a close to the Bulldog shape as I could get, without spending a million dollars on something I'm going to trash.

    Glad to see Hill doing this, he is the Mario Lemiux of skating.  Yes he was great and still is, but imagine what he could have been had he never had his knee injury.  Lemiux, without the injuries would have been as close to Gretzky as anybody, without the knee injury, Hill would have been Hawk on street. 
  • the Clint graphic will always be my fav

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