Powell Peralta ad archive?

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A few years back there was an awesome ad archive. You could pick the skated you wanted and see al the ads that featured them. It was a great resource. What ever happened to that and why was it removed? I really enjoyed going through the ads. Thanks.


  • I didn't notice they were gone until I read this post.....actually I got all cocky and went looking for the link to post it for you.  You are right, it was cool to see all those old ads.  

    One I haven't seen since back in the day was an old Airwalk ad with Lance.  It had a takeoff of the Mountain Dew logo, with Mountain and ollie the Airwalk icon in place of Dew.

  • would be stoked to see that one
  • Not so smart, are you Chris!?.....LOL. Id love to see that archive put back up. I remember that Airwalk ad with Lance. So many great ads back then. 
  • the list of wants grows:

    old powell adverts
    mcgill snakeskin reish
    hawk reish
    brigade doco

  • And a time machine, more skill, and a sponsorship.  I mean, while we're asking and all.
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