Should skating be an olympic event?

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There seems to be a big debate about skateboaring being an olympic event. On one hand it makes sense that it should be, it's a popular sport with the Xgames drawing viewers, being an olympic event would push the popularity and keep a sport prone to lapses in popularity revelent. On the other hand there is a core of skaters who want to keep the sport more counter culture and "underground" and pure. I personally think those days are long gone anyway. Skaters are getting non-sport related sponsers and the Xgames has moved the sport out of the underground. As much as I understand why the top skaters tend to stay away from contests, and many skaters want to stay counter culture, I think it should be an olympic event. I don't watch the olympics because I don't care about the events. I watch hockey in the winter games, but that's it. I don't care who the fastest runner or swimmer is and I don't care how many hurdles you can jump. But I think it would be cool to see the worlds best skaters going competing. Rodney Mullen is still a much better skater than most of the guys competing in the Xgames, Dew Cup, and so on. I want to see the best push each other. That is something our sport is missing. That is why the sport loses popularity at times. I, for one, am for it.


  • Sure, why not... BMX is.
  • u bring up valid points buuuuuuuuuuuut i still say no lol
  • I want to clarify something, I re-read what I posted and it seems I forgot to add a thought.

    I want to see skateboarding in the olympics, because I think it would attract the best skaters.  I watch the Xgames because I want to see if someone is going to really push the sport, but I tend to ignore the Dew Cup and Rob's street contest, because those guys don't push the sport.  Sure guys like Shekler are great skaters and all, but they aren't doing anything to really push the sport.  Most of those street contests look like guys trying to do combos from TH Pro Skater, and usually failing.  Houston is fun to watch, but the rest of them are just trying to mix tricks.  It's like lego skateboarding, take this established trick and do it backside or fakie.  Not real progression, in my opinion.  The last real progression in skateboarding was the mega-ramp, and that was pushed by an old school guy.

    Granted the most progressive skaters are getting up there in age, but the best skaters in the world today don't enter contests.  I have to see their progress on edited videos.  I want to see the absolute best skaters in the world go head to head, I think that's the only real way to get progress.  I think the olympics would draw the best skaters, the guys who normally don't enter contests.  That's why I want to see skateboarding in the olympics.
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    I say NO. If skateboarding was in the Olympic's it would just be turned into something like ice skating. Where you have to do certain tricks and get judged by how well you do these tricks. It would just kill any kind of creativity in a run or that persons skateboarding. But if skateboarding did get in, the  only way I could see it in there is if it was a down hill race or something like that. 
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    It will be like basketball & tennis in the olympics .. loaded with pro's when it should be am's only.

    For a sport to be entered by the IOC, it must have a world governing body ruling over it, BMX has this, does skateboarding?

    X-games is the same as the UFC .. its a break away, fully target marketed, privately owned competition designed to generate funds.
  • well there is no technical governing  body but we have groups like the iasc and stuff like that
  • It needs to be a world governing body .. plus something else skaters wouldnt be used to, WADA. Athlete drug testing hahaa
  • yea u know tons of ppl arent even going to pass that
  • & you know dis .... maaaaan!
  • I don't think it needs to be an Olympic sport, but if it was you'd wanna see different comps like vert, street and mega ramp, and maybe a medal go out to the overall winner for all three combined. Downhill would be cool to watch as stated above..but I seriously think surfing would become an olympic sport before skating
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