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Hi all, just joined.  I'm a reissue deck fiend and there is scant info on the web about older PP reissues.  I started a thread on S&B and a member e-mailed me the 2009-2012 skate one catalogs, but I've had no luck finding info on 2008 and earlier reissues. 


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    ive been collecting the catalogs since the mid 90s but i doubt ur going to find those catalogs u might be able to get them in pdf form or something but doubt it
  • Here's the info I have so far:


    Cab II stinger (silver dip w/ blue dragon)
    Cab mechanical dragon (electric blue w/ silver dragon)
    Cab street (bats) (silver dip w/ red dragon)
    Cab Chinese dragon (red dip w/ green dragon)
    Rodriguez pig (yellow stain w/ monochrome red skull and sword)
    McGill skull & snake pig (black dip)
    Hill bulldog (white)
    Harris mountie (lime green)
    Valleley elephant (dark gray)
    Underhill chain & cross (white)
    Barbee death angel (black)
    Steadham spade (red/black stripe)
    Classic ripper pig (dark gray/black stripe with orange rip)

    Cab Dragon II stinger (red dip / yellow dragon)
    Cab mechanical dragon (black dip / silver dragon)
    Cab street (black dip / green dragon)
    Cab chinese dragon (navy dip / gold dragon)
    Rodriguez pig (navy dip, white skull, blue sword)
    McGill skull & snake pig (red dip)
    Welinder skull (navy)
    Valleley elephant (purple)
    Harris mountie (black)
    Steadham spade (yellow/purple stripe)
    Old school Ripper (black/yellow stripe, red rip)


    cab dragon II stinger (yellow stain / blue dragon)
    cab mech dragon (black dip / blue dragon)
    cab street (black dip / green dragon)
    cab chinese dragon (purple dip / yellow dragon)
    rodriguez pig (red dip / white skull /blue sword)
    mcgill skull & snake (yellow stain)
    valleley elephant (red)
    steadham spade (red/black/blue stripe)
    harris mountie (black /purple)
    old school ripper (black/purple/green stripes, green rip)


  • Awesome, thanks Bill!!
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    no prob im going to look for some more this coming week feel free to post the link in the s&b forum too
  • Cool, thanks again. I'm having a problem with the winzip file though, when I try to open it I get the error messages:

    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\New_Compressed_(zipped)_Folder.zip: Unexpected end of archive
    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\New_Compressed_(zipped)_Folder.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    Anyone else able to get the files opened?

  • Argh, no luck with that either!  After I select the zip file and destination directory and hit "unzip it!" it instantly says "unzipping completed!" but nothing shows up in the destination folder.
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    weird ill try to fix it im going to zip it properly with winzip i guess the zip utiity built in with xp is not fully created or something ill have the link in a few........
  • Sweet, thanks again. I just tried it with ezyzip on a different computer and it did the same thing.
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    yea it is weird i re-downloaded it then extracted it into a legit zip file for winzip and waiting for it to upload to this other site it's at 37% at the moment........https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=78b561c3b5b663ea#qt=search&q=catalogs.zip try to access it from this and let me know
  • Thanks to Bill's efforts I was able to get a pretty good history going with pics, check it out:


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    sorry some of the pics were blurry the sun was shinning in my room and i had the camera in one hand and the catalog in the other and that one that says 'i dont know what year"was 2003 any questions just let me know
  • No prob.  Did I get the year right on the first one that I called 2003?  (the pages that have a blue ripper and pink ripper)
  • the pink and black ripper is fall 2002
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