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hey dudes.. I've got a few 10" wide Powell decks that I'm in the process of setting up and need some advice on trucks. The obvious choice for me is Indy 169s but came across some gullwing alpines and wanted to see if anyone has skated these?? Also want to stock up on bushings as well. I know what hardness I want..any ideas on what brands work well? Any advice would be helpful


  • easy answer....bones bushings are the best and puts all the others to rest!
  • The Bones bushings work really well. I rock them and have had no trouble with them. Plus they turn really well.
  • Cool..thanks guys, here I was going to get Indy bushings to match the trucks..hahaha. Either of you tried the alpines out? Main purpose for riding will be down hills and cruising
  • im not an 80s skater so i have no idea what they look like i didnt start skating til the mid 90's
  • trucks like that are for longboards now
  • Cool, I was leaning towards Indy's so now I'm convinced. I've been using Indy trucks for years apart from Powell blanks and always used Indy bushings when I needed to replace any. I'll try out the bones ones though. My knees and ankles hurt nowadays so I'm limited to skating in the warmer months when my joints aren't so stiff, bloody old-man-itis
  • well u wont regret it u will notice a difference right away
  • Bones bushing for sure, as for trucks dude, stick to what you know. I'll always be an indy's man.
  • Thanks mate(s), appreciate the advice
  • Sorry I've got another question - for a 10" wide deck..would Indy 169s or 215s be best suited? I think the 215s axle width is 10" but it says they're longboard trucks
  • ..sorry the deck is 9.87"'s a Steve Saiz totem spoon nose
  • If it's a mini, go the 169's. they should be perfect.
  • Cool..thanks dude
  • Old school drilling? Need that older 4 hole spacing - here ya go.
    Independent Forged 6 hole Hybrid Baseplate. Converts any Ind Truck for downhill set ups that require larger kingpins. 
  • Thanks mate, the ones I ordered have the six hole bolt pattern so all good
  • No problem! : )
  • Digging up this old truck thread because I have a truck question. Anybody know what size gullwing pros actually are? Their website and others say 9", but I have also seen them listed a lot as 8.75". Was possibly thinking about getting some for a cab d&b because I like the color options, but I think 8.75" will be the best truck fit for that deck. I have some 9" trackers that I eyeballed on the deck and I think 9" will be a bit too long.
  • What wheels on the Cab?

    I think the Gullwings have long axles for the hanger width meaning that when you tighten the axle nuts you will have a few threads showing. I have a buddy that used them until recently, so I don't know the measurements exactly.

    The hanger probably measures about the same as a 159 indy, but the overall width is about 9". If I were using them I would probably run a few extra washers between the wheels and hanger just to keep the exposed threads to a minimum. If you are using an old school wide wheel like a Rat Bone you probably wouldn't need them.
  • I haven't completely got the wheels figured out yet. I'm thinking I will do a couple sets of wheels- some 59mm g-slides for skating around my house, and then some harder wheels for taking it to the skate park. For that I'm thinking probably 57-59mm range and 90-100a duro, but that I'm not sure about that. One thought has been to get some OG 59mm rat bones because I could get different colors and at a decent price. But I've also thought maybe I should try some smaller 55m bones 100s, but maybe that's too small, idk. Can't decide, can't decide...brain aneurysm!
  • My Gullwing Pro 3 reissues are 8.75" axel tip to axel tip
  • Cool, thanks for the info. My other thoughts were some Indy 159s or some mini logo 8.75". Still don't know for sure what I'll get though. That's one the fun parts though, huh- figuring out a new setup!
  • The ML 8.75 are nice, but about 8mm lower than gullwings or standard indys. If you are riding wheels bigger than 56mm I wouldn't get the ML.
  • I miss my Gullwing Mission IIIs.
  • I put some missions on a cruiser deck for my wife last year. Got a sweet deal on Amazon for $20. I don't skate that deck much myself, but I think those are some pretty decent cruiser trucks.
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