Dying tail and nose bones

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Hey folks, looking at dying some white tail and nose bones black as I can't find black anywhere. I've looked online for the way to do it and some suggest using clothing dye such as Rit dyes.

Anyone done this before and how'd they turn out? Sorry if this is a regurgitated post, I got to the 5th page on the discussion list and gave up!


  • one of our forum homies used rit dye to change his bones wheels from white to orange it turned out amazing
  • Cool..I'm going to give it a try and if I work out how to post pics on this I'll put one up. I wish they had a straight upload a pic from a file on these forums although I'm not complaining..this forum is awesome, haven't come across one troll, everyone seems to know their shit and it's like little old lady skate gossip
  • to upload a image just click on the polaroid picture next to the chain thing for hyperlinks
  • Yea thanks, I can't figure out how to hyperlink a folder from my pc..it's annoying not being tech savvy
  • haha computer stuff is easy just gotta take the time to learn it
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