Skateone fall catalog?

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Hope everyone is doing good, was wondering if anyone knows when the fall catalog will be out/available? Thanks for your time- skate hard!!


  • around the next month or so just before december
  • next month is October

    pass the bong already :p
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    imagenew cab helmet for the fall
    imageimagenew hoffart pegasus
  • Awesome deck
  • New Pegasus is killer! I'm hoping someone is promoted & turns pro & takes Mike V's spot
  • Also noticed the RIPPER black-lite isn't oon the site anymore.
  • there will be a few new pros soon dont worry
  • It's up everybody, downloadable from here on the mainpage!! & What do u know Brigadebill lol? C'mon brother, give me something!!
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    josh hawkins supposed to be turning pro and they just gave  brad  his own board shape which indicates he will be pro soon too
  • For real? I read an article by Hoffart & he eluded to Hawkins but i didn't know how "concrete" it was, not meaning Jordan a liar but just outspoken optimism you know. If so, i'm super stoked!! McClain deserves it also!
  • Well surprise! Killian Martin has his pro model "WOLF" debut! Looks good, wonder if VCJ inked it?
  • looks like he did, you can see the vcj logo above the p/p logo
  • I am away from home and using an iPhone, so I can't see the new catalog. What reissues/colorways will be available?
  • If you were using an Android you would be able to see it.....just saying.

    The Martin deck is awesome!
  • Yep. ;-) love it! And yes.... Android rules.
  • iphones = isuck
  • Yes, iphones suck! That was a good lil' surprise about Martin. And ppk187 i see the lil' VCJ sig box on the Martin like it is on Barties crow & Hoffarts Pegasus deck. I'm really torn on which to get next. I got a Crow 1 a couple weeks ago when they first came out. Done thrashed both Pegasus models...hmmm lol!
  • Got it to work on my iPhone. A little disappointed. I was hoping for more reissues or at least some new colorways.

    I would like to see Garcia and Hawkins go pro, I think they have paid the dues.
  • Pig McGill in white = ripped off
  • Yeah i agree SK8ER, I think alot of the ams are due, Hawkins the most. I'm still surprised at Martin being pro.
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    the white pig mcgill says to me the doco deck will be the snakeskin

    the hoffart 4 on white looks unreal
  • Agreed..that hoffart board looks u think the doco decks will be in different colours for each deck? From what I hear guerroro's deck will be available in grey and white. Hope the same goes for the others
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    Green and pink please
  • not sure.. I would have thought just one colour for each deck, who knows..
  • Hmm..wonder when preorder starts, can't stop thinking about it
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