Skateone fall catalog?



  • Doco deck = documentary deck? Sorry, i'm not great at keeping current lol!
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    i dont think garcia is just there yet but hawkins and martin definitely are there i wish ben hatchell would have stayed i would have bought some of his boards
  • That's what worries me, taking to long to turn a guy pro who obviously should be. I believe Ben got tired & frustrated at waiting for it.
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    well a friend of mine skated for the powell brand for 5 years before they turned him pro now he is on the positiv brand. skate one makes sure u earn it. ben didnt even skate for the brand that long. in a interview with boo johnson he said he had to quit because skating for the brand was "just too gnarly".
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    Too gnarly?! Is there such a thing?
  • Too gnarly? Lol, makes no sense. My bad, i thought he had been on for longer than that. I remember Mike Santarossa was an am for a longgggg time & he did eventually turn pro. I can understand it somewhat, cause their is to many pros out there right now in my opinion. But i do feel Hawkins is ready & alot better than alot of these other pros.
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    well all u guys know how the powell vids are. everyone usually goes above and beyond when it comes to putting out a part for the brand. if any of u have seen the fun! video then u know it was ridiculously insane just like any other vid they have put out.
  • The last one I saw was so well put together. Every few minutes I lost my shit completely at the gaps being ollied or the stuff they were grinding
  • I think youve got to remember that even though a person is ready to turn pro, or is over cooked whilst waiting for the pro calling, its still a business decision.
    Turning pro is one thing, a company sustaining that pro financially is another.

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    Companies like Red Bull or Monster who pump the adrenaline marketing, push things along much faster with massive marketing budgets.. at the end of the day though, many people who are yet be crowned pro will suffer from a lack of marketing, or are simply with a company that doesnt get the exposure that other companies get.

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