why are wheels measured in mm's

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The title says it all. I think it's strange that most skate stuff is measured in inches except wheels, long live the metric system!


  • i guess because wheels are smaller
  • I think Brigade Bill has it, being that they're smaller, using a smaller measuring scale gives u a better idea on actual size & how to relate visible differences. Example- 52s vs. 54s, different widths ect., ect.
  • Using that logic risers should be in millimetres too then..imperial measurements are so old school..when are you Americans going to catch up with us super advanced aussies? lol..if only I could get clear mobile reception in the city I live in..still living in the 3G dark ages!
  • Lol sorry slippery, their is areas of our country that dont get great reception or any at all. If you tend to live in a moutainous area such as me, once you travel far enough into a valley...you don't get a signal.
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    risers have a wider surface
  • Bill you are a boffin for skate info :)
  • Haha ripper..I live in a city of 3 million people and my phone drops out all the time. Not a huge metropolis but you'd (well I would) think that the 3rd largest city in Australia would have decent and fast mobile and internet coverage..but that's an issue for some other non-skate related forum
  • DANG! Yeah, that is major fail for that big of a metropilis Slippery. And yes, Bill knows the deal lol!
  • u best believe it yo!
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    all I can say is Vodafone sucks balls

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