preorder tomorrow

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Here we day until preorder starts. Looking at the decks on the facebook bones brigade doco page the hawk and McGill will be the pig shaped. Here's hoping that pic isn't exactly accurate to what will be the reissues on offer, but I'm looking forward to seeing the doco all the same


  • PRE ORDER???? FOR WHAT??? I haven't seen anything - thanks for the heads up! 
  • Pre Order? Where are the photos at? Link & Info please.
  • I assume it's just for the DVD at this time... unless anyone knows of any inside scoop..
  • & some special merch according to Tony, Tommy & Lance...
  • Damn, I have that anxious feeling like X-mas eve or the last day of school.... you know that feeling at the pit of your stomach you get. And no it's not a little hahaha.
  • Here's the link to the Facebook page, and darule u might be right with preorder being for DVD only, I got that date from!/BonesBrigadeDoc?__user=1357466090
  • Thanks for the link brotha! Man after the preorder will still have to wait some more. I feel like a kid " Are We There Yet...Are We There Yet".... Got the BBQ going & some cold Coronas to pass the time.. C'MON Brigade!!!
  • Lol..I know what you mean. I've been doing the "if I take out sleep, meals and showers it is like 146 hours or so until I get to watch the DVD...make that..145 hours". I forgot the US is behind oz so it's another 17 hours for me to wait arrggghh!!
  • Let the games begin.!.!.!.!.
  • SLIPPERY - I thought you where talking about the board orders.
    Still no update on the page for dvd pre order, dang.
  • I think I broke my F5 key.....I feel like I'm outside the methadone clinic with no orange juice.
  • Lol!! Me too, what the hell is the hold up
  • Ordering the $60 set but not really feeling the decks.  I might get a TG for riding, but that's it.  Was really waiting for another FP reissue, but that color....

    Either way, stoked these are being reissued and don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.  So I am appreciative, but just not for me.
  • I hear ya too, Not feeling much with the boards, but they'll be snapped up super quick. I'm just holding out hope that they reissue a different board shape than the pigs. Had my heart set on the boards they were riding in Animal Chin, as it made sense to have those boards come out with the DVD. Just my opinion though.
  • I'm pretty much the same as you guys. I was super stoked to see the tommy g, future primitive and mullen decks, but a little disappointed with the other three. Oh well, I'm grateful and can't wait to get my hands on those decks! The vid should be awesome too, only another month or so until I can download it :)
  • Aahhh, & then I exhaled.....
  • Lol..all of a sudden this tightness in my chest went away and I felt tired for the first time in months :) gee whiz, shipping doesn't start until December..hope I get em in time for xmas!
  • I hear ya brotha, dam I think I need a nap after all that! Me too, my wife just told me that this counts for my b-day, this year & next years x-mas. Oh well, I made sure it was worth it!
  • Lol awesome dude..which decks did u get? All six?!
  • All six & the DVD with the Animal Chin & film poster. Hope I still have gas money left... :)
  • Hell, we all work hard, might as well play hard!! Or in this case "buy hard"!! Lol
  • Awesome..kinda wished I got all 6, but I'm happy with the 3 I got and the download..I shoulda got a poster lol
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    happy we are finally getting these .. its been a long time waitn

    wishing the Hawk wasnt the pig & the McGill was the snakeskin
  • Yeah, me too Doc. I guess these will be hangers since there piggy shaped.
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