preorder tomorrow



  • Can someone please shed some light? i just tried to order the Mullen & the t-shirt / dvd combo, but i get to the check out and theres no Australia in the drop down country list (just about everywhere else in the world is listed). I've ordered from Skate One a couple of times so whats the go with Topspin?
  • do do do we're sorry australia is no longer cool please move to a better destination good bye and have a wonderful week
  • edited October 2012
    what bolt pattern does that have Darule?
    the 6 pack pic looks like it has a mix of old & new school patterns

    Australia was in my list
  • Bill .. please mate, this is the last one of your sic fantasy requests I posting for you mkay

  • Yea mate, I'm from oz and ordered some boards
  • Both new & old setup pattern Doc.. ^^ Oh snap, that's funny!
  • haha terrible
  • At the risk of being unpopular I don't really dig on miley..that haircut is terrible
  • agreed rest of her is nice though
  • I cant stand her ..shes doing well tho to fill in for the others whom are moving on tho
  • got my tickets for the long awaited seattle screening
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