Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?

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Half the decks I love - the other half..not so much. Looks like the really have lost the mold to the snakeskin and the chicken skull decks. Overall though, pass mark achieved - 76% awesome


  • I'm hoping this the first batch of reissues. By the sounds of it on other forums, dudes are snatching them up pretty quick.
  • I understand that they aren't going to make exactly what I want, in the colors I want, and the shapes I want.  So I will say I appreciate anything and everything PP has released.  I am disappointed the FP isn't black dip, and I don't like pig shapes.  I am still happy to see them released.  Hopefully other colors or shapes will be available in the future.  

  • Wow! The Skull & Sword Team Signature deck combo with all the autographs is already sold out...
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    And I'm hoping eventually they'll put out different shaped hawk and McGill decks, but for now I'm happy
  • Damn they sold out quick..but wasn't there only 50 on offer?
  • Not sure? Was it only 50. Man P&P is making some easy quick coins right now. Times like this I wish they were my long lost uncles
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    it looks like a closing down sale with all the used stuff at the bottom of the page

    whats the reasoning behind the Hawk not being the better shape?

    one possible answer I have in mind is that they are going to reish the cool Hawk shape & snakeskin McGill in the next catalogue.. its a guesstimate of course, still, a girl has her dreams lol :)

  • Lol!!!! I hope ur right brotha...
  • sista now that he is a girl^
  • Damn're reaching a little! I hope you're right but after 3 or 4 different colours of the pig shaped McGill, I'm starting to lose hope. Maybe someone should send them an original to reverse engineer the shapes everyone is craving
  • They have me curious as to what the top of the decks look like, whether it will be a winged ripper or oval dragon logo. I'm hoping the primitive and tommy g both have the ripper logo but don't really care..starting to think I shoulda ordered a hawk deck as well, i'm holding out for the bottle nose..c'mon doco reissues round 2!!
  • I have a feeling this is the start of it regarding reissues...dare l say the "Only fools rush in" comment?? Just my opinion and no harm intended!!

  • so far i'm just thinking i'll get a t.g. and maybe a mullen.... wasn't somebody saying guerrero was talking iron gate re ish on instagram??
  • A while ago he posted a pic of a white flaming dagger and pink dagger board (no flames - not sure what that deck is called). Anyway tommy said they would both be available when the doco dropped
  • There's gotta be more. They're making a killin just with these boards. Imagine if/when they announce that the "Chin" era boards are gonna be reissued?
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    from all our previous discussions, I also reckon there are more to come
  • Would it be greedy if I send a quick email to PP to ask when the next batch of reissues will be released? Haha :)
  • One question i would love an answer for is, what size are the truck holes on all the new reissue decks? New school or original?
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    speaking of hawk he is no longer on theeve and now riding for indy and BONES!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cool if he is, what's your take on this series of reissues bill..are you a fan?
  • The TG i was after is perfect..... I can finally replace the one that was stolen outa my back yard in 88.
    Whadya guys think of the wheel wells?
    Will the decks have flat edges like the OGs, or rounded edges like the all the other reissues?
    I think the flat edges would be sick!
  • I wish the website gave more info like the length, wheelbase, nose, tail.  I would assume these have oval dragons on top.  The TG looks cool.
  • I caved and bought a FP.  I am still holding hope other colorways and shapes are coming.

  • Just got the doc and the TG! 
  • YEAH! When is wave 2 goona hit?
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