Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • Ive got a nice old pair of indys waiting for the next round (in case the Hawk or snakeskin comes to fruition)
  • I hope you're right, I can't wait to see what they come up with next
  • with the Fred Durst interview? He's a d bag.
  • Yea, I didn't get that part either....seemed VERY out of place.  It actually reminded me of some interview with him a while back, it might have been one of those "Behind the music" episodes.  Anyway, it talked about how he was a skater and it showed some clips from Ban This or Propaganda....but played it like it was a home movie of Durst.  I lost my mind, they actually used recognizable BB footage.  
  • Damn, I guess the interview with Mike V was scrapped...oh well... I'll wait for the sequel.... Ha!
  • Mike V is in there

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    the end of the earth came & went

    status still pending
  • Haha..these decks are like a mirage in the desert, every day for the last 2-3 weeks I've woken up expecting confirmation to no avail..can't wait to open my ecard on Christmas morning lol
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    Wish they would throw in a bonus item for all the waiting we've been doing...
  • Wonder why there's no Chicken Skull reissue tee?
  • something to do with Quicksilver owning all Hawks apparel licences
  • Well thats just dandy...imageSomeone has the time to take a pic when they should be SHIPPING THEM OUT! GET BACK TO WORK!! LOL

  • I think they should be throwing in a ripper Christmas ornament to make up for the waiting lol how does quicksilver have the rights to they own a stake in birdhouse or something? I would of thought whoever designed the graphic would be the rightful businesses act like dickheads these days
  • I do like my Ripper ornament though. Already hanging on my tree. Probably should have bought more. Would of been bitchen to also have my Brigade decks sittin around the tree....oh well...but hopefully starting the new year with one hell of a late x-mas presentimage

  • How big is the ornament? They look pretty big
  • About the same as other regular ornaments. I snapped the pic with my cell phone up close to see the detail, which imagemakes them seem oversized.

  • Nice dude, I'll have to get one for next year
  • maybe a triple p candy cane?
  • Anyone who bought a hawk should hold on to it. I think they will be rarer than we think. The deck has been removed from the skate one website.   I hope they do make 10,000 of each in four different colorways though. Will the decks be available for pre-order on this site?


  • I think skateone will have them on their site, I was told it wouldn't be for a while though..maybe Feb??
  • That's fine, I need time to save up for the next batch. I just don't want the scalper's on ebay to get them all.
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    That's been shitting me this time round..all the scalpers get their boards first and sell em for more than double the price and I'm still fuckin waiting for an email to say mine have shipped. I'm thinking of doubling my order next time round and selling the second set on eBay..can't beat em join em
  •  I had the Mullen delivered on Monday, got the email the previous Friday so only a weekend to ship across the Pacific.;). I wish i had the funds to buy them all at once but i had to do it over a couple of weeks.Just waiting for 2 more emails...
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